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Search upgrade - Phase I
« on: May 13, 2006, 10:29:46 AM »
As content continues to grow, the search feature will become more and more vital in order to find something you are looking for. The current search field is adequate, barely, and is excellent for finding limited topics with distinct keywords or can be used to go directly to the ID number of specific submission or exact submission titles. I like that feature and use it a lot but the general search capabilities are pretty lacking.

I am still trying to find a good algorithm to create an advanced version of that search (Phase II :) ) but, in the meantime, I found that Google's API features may provide a quick and dirty solution to trying to dig down through searches. So I put up the Citadel Google Search which also has a link in the right menu in the main pages.

The results are pretty raw because of the extensive google indexes on the site, but if you have a couple good keywords you should be able to get somewhere close. It also has the added advantage of spidering some older and perhaps less used pages so it might return a couple surprises. Either way, it is yet another tool for you to use as you wish.

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