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Short tutorial


How to become a digital 3D fantasy/scifi artist for free.


Short introductory tutorial I made showing :
Where to get software for free
How to install & use
Where to get free items for use in renders

I'd be interested to hear from people whether they found the tutorial useful, what they would like to see next, and what art they have managed to create!

I think this is a great tutorial. Maybe not so much for the more experienced, but for me who has been out of 3D since Bryce 4 it showed me some great resources for models and tools.

Now, I could do without that rainbow background..... ;)

Thanks for looking!

Yes, the tutorial is designed very much as an intro to the idea of making digital art. I'll put more tutorials up "one day soon" which cover some of the ways I pretend to be a good artist :)

If you are a Bryce man... http://www.marnok.com/art/sale.htm
It's not actually my sale, DAZ have a special offer on special offer, on a couple of good products, the actual DAZ site is slow as heck today (can I say 'hell' here? is it OK if I say 'hell'? I wouldn't want to offend anyone by saying 'hell' if 'hell' is considered offensive.)
um.. it's slow anyway, because everyone and his troll is downloading cut-price Bryce and bargain Hexagon. Good time to buy.

ps the background stays; if possible, it gets even rainbowier! Does anyone know any new colours??


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