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Yup, we're all read about the necromancer's book written in blood and bound in human skin... the truth might be a little more surreal.

Books bound in Human Skin!

YEP! was just chatting with Moon about this recently!! You cant make this S**T up!!


Ria Hawk:
Well, you could, but why would you, when the truth is so much wierder?

[1506#12082|Folio of Murders] Found in the Books section.  I posted a couple of days ago. I too saw the yahoo page, but acted immediately.

This is perfect for a CoC game.   

So you are looking through the town's library. It is like a lot of little libraries, a small donated house converted over. The whole town has this quaint, picket fence, bicycling kids, friendly farmers vibe going.  You almost think this is a wild goose chase.  Then you start researching the town's history and look through the town records.  You find the court records for all the murders between town founding and 1950. The book has an odd texture to it. Light tan in color. Smooth. Smells familiar.  Then you realize it. The book is bound in human skin.   Take 1 san  :)

And that's when you recognise the tattoo...


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