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Ria Hawk:
If you're running an active game in Moderated Freeform, could you please send me a list of your accepted players, so I can update my records?  Also, if you had a thread that has gone inactive and is likely to remain that way, please let me know about that as well, so I can start moving inactive threads to the Archive.

For the regular Freeform Roleplaying section, I will soon be moving inactive threads from there to the Archive.  Inactive is defined as no activity within the last six months.  These threads are not being deleted, and if there is sufficient interest, I am perfectly willing to move threads back to the active section.

I am also considering pruning the Archive of threads that have been inactive for at least a year (as in, these threads WILL be deleted), although I have not decided one way or another about that yet.  If there is a specific thread that you believe should remain in the Archive, please PM me about it, and I will consider leaving it for posterity.

Ria Hawk:
Okay, I have cleaned up the Freeform area.  Inactive threads have been moved to the Archive.  I plan on trying to do this once a month.  Inactive threads are defined as no activity within the last six months.  If there is a game that you would like reactivated, and you have sufficient interest from players to maintain it, PM me and I will be happy to move it back to the regular Freeform area.

Ria Hawk:
It's that time again.  I'm going to be moving inactive rp threads to the archive.  Same as usual, if it has no activity within the last six months, it gets moved.

Ria Hawk:
It's time once again to prune the forums.  In the regular freeform section, games that have been inactive for six months or more will be moved to the archive.  If you're running a game in the Moderated section, please PM me with the status of your game (active/inactive), whether or not you're still accepting new players, and a list of current players for my records.  Any OOC threads that have been inactive for six months will also be moved.

If you're running a game that is moved to the Archive, or had one in the past, I will be happy to move it back to the active section if there is sufficient interest to restart it.  PM me with the thread name.

Feel free to PM me or otherwise contact me if you have any question about the roleplaying boards.

Ria Hawk:
Hey, guess what time it is?

As per usual, I'm going to start moving any threads that have been inactive for the last six months to the Archive.  People running Modded games, I'll get to you shortly with some questions.

If you want a thread moved back out of the Archive, same thing goes as before.

If you have a question about the roleplaying boards, please feel free to contact me.


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