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The Citadel looms above, silent. Shadows in the trees whisper, the setting sun spills its dying red glow across the land.

On the dusty road a strange tall figure clad in white strides on his long spidery legs towards the gate. He is extremely thin, with hooked nose, sharp, piercing eyes and a curious white cap on his head. He carries nothing except a large tome under his left arm.

If there were anyone standing close enough, they might recognize a blurred inscription "Grimalkin's Treasury of Great Recipes" written in a fading purple ink on its cover.

He steps up to the gate, knocks for several times, then waits for a moment and pushes it open. The hinges creak and squeak, and, into the darkness, the strange man pokes his head and calls in a clear voice with a ring of vast distances and smell of exotic peppers to it:

"Might the Lord of this homely house, its inhabitants and guests, be interested in services of a good chef?"

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
Well now, that all depends on.....can you make Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and Mash, or Toad in the Hole?

Nah, I'm not English, just happen to like those dishes...... a great cheeseburger, cheese fries with bacon and buffalo wings would suit me just as well.

So Merry Meet Grimalkin, and have some popcorn.  *hands him a bowl of fresh popcorn*

Wow. A cook. I wonder who was cooking before?  Make yourself at home. Kassil has doughnuts if you're interested.

And so, after meeting Lady Wolf and Fiokar Dracolas, Grimalkin, chewing on a mothful of tasty popcorn (and thinking hard whether he happened to come across this delicious and nourishing meal in his life before - maybe he should question Lady Wolf later and exchange recipes?) went on to find a small, dust-covered kitchen and lit a fire in the stove.
Perhaps someone will drop by later, stay for a good meal and a few friendly words over the supper...


I like the name for some reason. Story behind it?

We need a chef. Donuts are good, but my belly is starting to show the affects.

How about a nice beholder stew, or a Medusa-ka-bob, or maybe even Filet de Dragoon (oops, careful about that in current company).

Welcome, welcome. The kitchen is yours.


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