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the warrior of the realm
« on: April 17, 2006, 09:51:03 AM »
hi this is my first story i have posted so i hope its okay:

warior of the realm
The elven warrior stood on the hill, surveying the valley before him. He wielded a large silver scimitar and wore a full set of the mythical dragon scale armour and a mythril shield. He also carried, slung on his shoulder a fine elven longbow and in a leather quiver, a quantity of silver arrows. He was a warrior of the realm of Maledor, at the battle of ferlador, he was watching the mayhem unfold before him. He heard someone running up the other side of the hill, he span round, drawing his sword as he turned, to see the scout sprinting towards him. He slid the giant sword back into its sheath and approached his breathless scout to find out the information he carried.

The scout looked up as he approached and shouted, “Sarendil!” the warrior walked up to him and an instant had him hanging by his feet, “I told you not to call me that, squarn!” he abruptly dropped the scout onto the ground in front of him, “Sorry captain but another army is coming up the hill behind us! And they look like dwarves!” the warrior ran to the edge of the hill and looked down at a dwarven army carrying the colours of the city of rosendul. The warrior shouted down to them, “HEY YOU MUST BE MORINDIL’S ARMY, ARE YOU?” the dwarves looked up in surprise and one ran up the hill towards them.
The scout pulled his iron shortsword out of its sheath, and watched warily as the dwarf approached them. The dwarf finally reached them breathless and just said, “yes..we..were..sent..to..help..you..fight..the..orcs.” “well we shall send a messenger to morindil to show our gratitude!" pronounced the warrior as he walked to the crest of the hill to look down at the army before him.

Both armies were ready to charge the elven army cutting into the orcs flanks and the dwarves charging straight at the orcs frontal defences. The elven swordsman were first followed by the pikeman and at the back the archers. At the frontal attack the dwarves were doing as a diversionary tactic was followed by dwarven sling-shots raining down on the enemy as they were pounded either side by elven swordsman and at the back by elven and dwarven cavalry.

It wasn’t long before the warrior, elindor stood before his army with the captain of the dwarfs and addressed both armies, “we have done well today, but the orcs will just keep coming, so soronir, captain of the dwarves will you be staying to help us defeat the orcs?” soronir replied, “yes we will fight to the end to finish the slaughtering of the orcs!” great cheers went up in the camps as the elves and dwarves celebrated together, drinking the finest dwarven mead and the best elven beer.

tell me what you think of it
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Re: the warrior of the realm
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2006, 10:31:17 PM »
Maybe try and post it in the main citadel. Articles -> Fiction

The Citadel forum is the place to get help, not so much opinions. :)

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