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Half Pixie/Half Dragon??

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Lady Wiccan Wolf:
I hope I put this idea in the right forum, but here goes: In fantasy role playing, there are all sorts of creatures running about, some coming about through unusual matings.

I've been debating this issue  on another forum, so wanted to get everyone's opinion here.  Could a half pixie/half dragon character be feasible?  

They're magical creatures, so could make themselves change to mateable size and/or form.  The offspring would be a humanoid figure, with the spell capabilities of the pixie, and the ability to change into a dragon form, or still a humanoid form, but with some type of dragon appearance to it.

I did play such a character in two rp threads, and my fellow posters reacted well to her, and interacted eagerly.  But there were a few nay sayers who said the whole thing was nonsense and trash.

Opinions appreciated. :)

Personally, when dragon halfbreeds are involved, I tend to append draconic features to the base form of the other. Then again, I rarely deal with those of my cousins who spend their time learning to polymorph - my ability to sizeshift was a rare strain among my kind; shapeshifting was unheard of...

Personally, I think that the dragon pixie combo is a bit much if she has all the strengths of each.

I am not a fan of free forming it, but I think when a creature is given a strength I think they should get at least one weakness.  I think of the munchkin you describe I another thread, and say to myself “why would anybody want to RP a god like character?â€?.  

I think it is more fun to play a slightly shifted character with some special not too powerful ability, and then trying to play that to an advantage. Like the ability to talk to cats, or the ability to innately make a spot appear on the wall.  Some might say “What’s the point in that, who would care to have those abilities?â€? but I say it is all about the way you play you character.

I have to agree with drphluid. It sounds like it's a little much. Are there any real limits on what this charater can do? I like the idea but it sounds like it could become a muchkin charater with a get deal of speed and little difficulty.

As a side note: the forums where the half-pixie-half-dragon happened has a few details to note, chief amongst them being the fact that there are multiple people who literally play gods and creatures of similar superhuman power. The Exploding Munchkin Dragon is of those forums, as well...

So it tends to match power to power to even get noticed.


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