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« on: March 05, 2006, 03:08:28 PM »
"Once we lit up the country and night from sea to shining sea.In those days of plenty there was food for all-nobody starved, even the poorest of the poor. There were fountians of clean fresh water and glowing light in every house, and almost everybody was taught in the magical arts from an early age, be they man or woman. We cast spells as if they would never run out, for the smallest things, and we delved deeper and deeper under the mountians for the magical iron.We should have guessed that it would run out one day, instead we raped the planet for our own selfish reasons.

When it began to run low, our great Republic was torn asunder in horrible magical wars for what was left, which only had the effect on consuming the remainder of our iron. Without magic the crops failed and starvation and disease were added to the horrors of war.Without magic we could not provide clean water or light for the cities, or transport ourselves easily from place to place. Law and order, democracy, morality, in some cases, family ties, broke down in the struggle to survive. An ordinary apple tree was worth fighting for and even killing for and the bodies of the dead, unburied and uncremated, made the whole world stink of rotting flesh.

A new religion arose from the ruins, that of the Celestial Sun. It was his priests that helped to convince people to bring back some sembelence of the Old Order. Their rules are strict-the murderer who is caught and convicted within three months, is sacraficed within the Whicker Man, burnt alive as a gift to the Sun, and providing he or she is guilty, and providing the right words are spoken and the statuate of limitations passed by the Celestial Sun Himself is not over, then when Holy Water is poured upon the ashes the victim who was murdered will rise in the murderers place, not a spirit or possessed being, but whole and hearty as of old. After three months the Celestial Sun sends souls to their rebirth, or to the Pits of Hell for the truely villianous and his Garden of Sunlight for the Saintly Elect.

OOC-At the moment I am in great pain as my skin on the right side of my face has gone bad/raw as it does every few years, in this case because I ate too much chocolate. This world might therefore take longer to form then normal.
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