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New Chat
« on: March 19, 2006, 09:20:29 PM »
Try and break it and let me know what happened.

All links should work in theory. Instead of showing the entire nasty looking link I made it just say "LINK" so deal with it.

You can link to Citadel posts now just by typing in the [title] or [5678] inside brackets, just like you would in a comment or submission. This won't work in the forum yet, different side of the code that I will mess with later.

I also wordwraped lfljsf;ljsdf;ljds;lfj;sdajf;lsdjf;ldsjfldsjf;lsd so that shouldn't mess up either.

Smilies should work, same as the old chat if you can remember them...I can't. Experiment.

I think I fixed all the problems with the chat sending you to an unknow page. TELL ME THE EXACT PAGE IT HAPPENS FROM YOU IF YOU GET THE ERROR. That is the only way I can fix it is to know what variables it is missing. So press the back button and get the link of that page and I will fix it.

I think that is it.

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