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I'm looking for ideas for original, new, fantasy creatures I can put in my world. Any help will be appreciated.

Have you tried Lifeforms yet?

Otherwise you are probably going to have to be a little more specific.


Yeah, specificity.  Besides that we have the venerable happy, green demon. :hyper:

Matan Thunder:
 :what: :lol: :hyper:

All right try this creature (possible PC race) on for size. 

By John Norman
The Gorean Novels

NO. APPEAR:  1 or 1-100 (in complex or ship)
HIT DICE:  4 + (Variable)
% IN LAIR:  20%
TREASURE:  F in lair; M x10 and I by Individual
NO. ATTK:  3 or 4 (also by Weapon)
DMG/ATTK:  2x Claws for 2-16 + STR; + (Possible Rending on 2x Claws Success 5-50 dmg); Bite 3-30;
SPEC ATTK:  Berserker Rage; Charge; War Scream; +STR Bonus; Leap 10-15 vert & 20-30’ horiz.
SPEC DEF:  Surprise 1 in 10;
MAGIC RES:  Standard
INTELLIGENCE:  Low – Supra Genius
SIZE:  L 7-10’ (Very Muscular) 4’ Wide at the Shoulder
PSIONICS:  5% potential chance

These giant muscular cat men are called the KUR. which were originally spawned by a highly advanced space race.  Whether they are the race or merely the result of genetic experiments into the perfect strike for will never be known.  On Gor they have become a degenerated culture.  They have engaged another advanced race the Priest Kings in open war for the pre-eminence of Gor and the war is endless. 

I: Description of the Race
A)   Physical Appearance:
1) Hair:  They have 2-3” long fur about their whole body (mostly Black, but other colors are known)
2) Eyes:  Yellow or Orange like any other great cats
3) Height:  7-10’ tall males; 6-9’ tall females
4) Weight:  600 lbs- 2000 lbs
5) Body Type:  Muscular in the extreme (they make Conan look like a GEEK) with saber-tooth head/jaws and sharks teeth
6) Specials
   a) Sight:  Their eyesight that is 3x normal plus they possess superior night sight equal to infravision in 18”.
   b) Hearing: They have hearing 10x the human norm and can hear speech within 30”.
   c) Smell:    They have 4x the sense of smell as a human, and are able to smell others upwind at ranges of 10”.
   d) Misc Features:  Their face is very cat-like except for the toothy smile.  The walk completely upright at all times, but when running or engaging in combat they are known to lope/run on all fours and leap about acrobatically.       Their voices are raspy and guttural!!
Their most potent power is the fact that each has double organs in their bodies (2 hearts/4 lungs, etc…).  (Except for the brain).  This makes them very hardy in combat!!
7)Aging Tendencies:  Cubs:  1-12 years; young adult  13-16; adult 17-90; mature 91-140; old 141-200; Venerable 201++
8) Racial Reproduction:  Normal for big cats.  Litters of 2-4 cubs at a time and the females care for them while the men war!!

B)   Mental Makeup
1)   Male Structure:  Male dominated with wars being the prime occupying force.  They are always trying to expand the cultures lands.
2)   Female Structure: Dominated but not subservient.  The FM runs the home as the men do the society at large.
3)   Racial Quirks:  Suicidally Brave.  They rarely survive more than 45 years.  Only the smart ones survive.

II) Racial Class Proficiencies
A)   Racial Class Limits:  90% exclusively the fighter classes.  No Fighter Limits.  They specialize in berserker shock forces.  There is a priest class which makes up 9% of the class occupations.  Some few are thieves, psionicists, and mages.
B)   Multi Class Potential:  There is a 5% chance of being able to multi-class. 

III) Race Special Abilities
A) Physical Attacks:  They have jaws with teeth like a great white shark and eyes of yellow or orange like a tigers.  They are very muscular and basically a killing machine with 6-10” claws on 5 fingers of each hand.  They can strike as follows:  2x Claws for 2-16 + STR; +(Possible Rending on 2x Claws Success 5-50 dmg);  They have a bite like a great white shark-like teeth for 3-30 dmg.
B) Special Weapons:  They can use any human sized weapons and weapons as large as a hill giant can.  Strength Bonus.
C) Combat Adjustments:   The Kur have STR rated by height:   6’ – 18(00); 7’ - 19STR; 8’ – 20STR; 9’ – 21STR; 10’ – 22STR
D) Unique Abilities:  Berserker Fierceness:  This fury grants them a +2 to hit, -4 to AC, & does 2x normal amounts of damage.  Charge Ability: Due to their great agility and reflexes they are granted the ability to charge a foe within 6”.  They can bowl over foes of less hit dice than they (the creature gets a DEX roll).  War Scream:  This power is creates fear in all viewing the scream.  It is primal and the Kur can do nothing else that round.  The affect can affect creatures with 3” of the Kur.  There is no save (unless they are immune to fear) and the victim flees for 1-6 rounds.   This scream can only used in combat once used the Kur must not use it again for a turn (usable 6x a day).  Their final race power is a cat-like leaping ability 10-15’ vertically & 20-30”.  When they attack it is often at the end of one of these leaps (they weigh 600 lbs ++).

IV) Lair Types
A)   Other Creatures in Lair:  The Kur takes great stock in war trophies and often collects the women-folk of a conquered people as their household slaves.  They also keep a variety of war mounts that fit their size available for long war raids.  They also have a variety of sentry & Spy cats!!
B)   Likely Locations:  When not occupying some enemy’s lands they have clan complexes that often interact hostilely with each other.  They like all environments.
C)   Special Defenses:  They keep sentries and sentry animals
D)   Lair Characteristics:  This is where the Females command.   They keep track of the staff (slaves) and favor furs and a decadent Romanisk style.

V) Racial Civilization Style
A) Politics of the Race:  Clan politics are often bloody affairs, and the largest is usually the most respected/feared.  The old are revered for their survival and have a seat in larger councils.
B) Military of the Race:  Organized in groups of 10 like the Mongols their armies are vast unruly masses that often rely on brute power to conquer.  They occasionally have a supreme leader that is highly skilled and whips them into the most extreme of military forces capable of conquering any mundane army they may face.  They do recognize a defensible position and often occupy buildings to avoid missile fire.
C) Religion of Race:  The priest class reveres a Bas like goddess that serves the clans immediate religious needs.  Although the clan as a whole isn’t very religious, the whole clan recognizes the need for healers. 
   D) Culture Resemblances:  Romanisk with a single deity.
   E) Trade & Agriculture:  Conquer it or eat it!!
   F) Race to Race Relations:  You are a Kurii or you are lunch!!

VI) Ability Score Limits

Racial modifiers:  +28 hit points M/ +26 hit points FM; STR special; -2 INT; -1 WIS; +3 DEX; +6 CON; -4 CHR to non cats; +3 Perceptions score if used.

They are hard to get rid of too once they settle in an area, because of their high reproduction rate.

Just an idea.

 8) :wink:

Turn them all into rainbow mushrooms and drop them 300’ to the music of the Anvil Chorus!!!!

Um guys... two things.  System non specific site and two... such posts need to be in the lifeform sections on the main page  then hit the nav bar for Lifeforms.

I am going to leave this here for a few days, then I am going to move it to the correct forum.  This is not a challange or a "lets do this" kind of thead, so it should not be in the fields of challange.


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