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+. Her perceptive gaze wonders over the gathered creatures in this place of movement.  Optics narrow as the stench of numerous humans and elves tickles her delicate senses.  Living from the land, in the purity of the forest, she rarely had to deal with this unwelcome smell.  Pulling her indigo cloak tighter around her she moved swiftly on.  The emerald glare of her eyes was seeking the shadows that took her out of the scrutiny from others.  The hood of her wrap was pulled low over her countenance, hiding her shrewd oculars.  Having the luck to find a hay bale in which she could sit upon in the protective veil of the shadows and still able observe the antics of the creatures in the area surrounding her.  Her impassive façade held the distrust that would be seen in her eyes if her hood did not hang so low.  Looking relaxed with her back resting on a wall and her right leg brought up so her arm rested across her knee was a false appearance.  She was as tense as a wound up spring, oh how she hated moving to new places!  But she had to, she mused softly.  She was getting soft at home and she needed to resume her studies.  The fierce gaze that was hidden held a glimmer of emotion as the feeling of homesickness swept her in a tidal wave.  She cursed silently under her breath, she really had become soft over the years.  Her optics return to their cool and calculating look, Zsaelia silently thankful for the cover of the hood.  A near inaudible gasp sounds from her lean form as her gaze focuses upon one of the many dragons roaming this vicinity.  Ah, how the creatures always stole her breath with their dragon beauty, unmatched by any race.  Perhaps this place wouldn’t  be as bad as she had originally thought .+

welcome to the citadel Zsaelia ,let me introduce myself i am ifrid lord of the vampires

Ria Hawk:
"Hello, and welcome to the Citadel.  Home of dragons, penguins, winged antlered squirrels, lycanthropes, undead, and loonies of all types.  I'm Ria."  A short, brown-haired woman wandered over to the person sitting in the shadows, but not too close.  "I'm sure there's a room somewhere that'll be to your liking.  Don't worry; we may be a little... off, but it's in a good way."  She guestures vaguely.  "Kassil has donuts, and last I checked, Lady Wolf had made popcorn.  Anyway.  Make yourself at home."  And the woman wanders off, muttering indistinctly to herself.

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
"Merry Meet Zsaelia, and have some caramel popcorn." *hands her a bowl*

"Been here only a couple of weeks myself...but the people seem friendly, and the creatures even more so."

"Oops" *picks a few strands of silvery-blue fur from the bowl*  "Sorry about that"

A dark elf walks around the corner, staring intently at the book in his hands awhile before looking up.
"So if I wanted Frontpage to do that I'd need to...Oh. Hello there. Welcome. I'd offer my services as a bard, but I'm afraid I've had a few things come up. Do feel free to bother me, it can be quite intimadating dealing with everyone at first. And by the way, our bark is worse than our bite. See you around!"


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