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Has anyone happened to have/know where to find a way to convert creatures from the Rifts/Palladium system to d20? I found some creatures I want to send at my party, and I can't seem to figure out a good way of converting them.

well i play palladium rpg fantasy its the same as rifts just explain me what is d20?

and maybe i can help you out

The art f conversion is always a fly-by-night madness-inducing effect. Basically, to convert it, look at the relative power and strength of the thing in the original system - then assign it stats to equate that in the new system. If you can't find a matching ability for special powers in the new system - invent it.

No single conversion chart works for all players or groups, and can even vary in usefullness from monster to monster.

And D20 is a generic game system. WotC's attempt at making another GURPS or FUDGE. (Failing horribly, I might add, in comparison.)

I'm not looking for a chart, just a consistant method for converting stats over. I don't have alot of time to be inventing things with my final exams in three weeks :( .

And to expand on Kassil's explanation...

D20 is a system that uses a twenty-sided die to make most checks (ie. attacks, saving throws, etc.). The stats are divided into:

strength(physical power)
consititution(physical endurance)
charisma(physical appeal)

Players usually roll 3 six-sided dice and assign the sum of the roll(s) to each stat. Each race/creature has modifiers to these stats appropriate.

There are numerous worlds/games,ranging the course from low to high tech settings, that run off the system currently. I find it's a good place for beginners as there isn't alot of different die rolls to remember.

Now maybe someone can explain to me what a GURPS or FUDGE is.

What are GURPS and FUDGE?

D20 is the 3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons game system that they have published an open-game lisence for so that people can use it whenever they want and not just in Dungeons and Dragons products.


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