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we sell bawls. let me know if you want them for cost  :wink:


Rogue Science, a great website for all that knowledge that everyone thinks is "illegal" or such. The knowledge isn't, and the free flow of information is vital to not being defenseless when the crap hits the fan. Check it out.

As a side note, the IP of the site has been blocked by various organizations, so if you can't get to it, chances are your ISP/government (Germany is one)/school is blocking it. If you can, use a proxy server to get past it. Of course, if you're using AOL, Roguesci is blocking YOU.

Beware: this is insanity on wheels. You will want to play with it.

A TiddlyWiki is a self-contained hypertext document - meaning a single html file that can house a full webpage, which you can edit directly in itself...  :o

I think I just wet myself:


How come I didn't know about this until now?

This thing is the most awesome web developement tool I have EVER seen...for HTML and CSS that is.

Inspecting the HTML is awesome!!!! You have to see it to understand I think.

(already found two formatting bugs I have been looking for. A 404 on the forum index and why the '1' shows up on the codex left menu. I am quickly getting to like this more and more.

Looks dangerously nice...


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