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Manfred's list of incredibly cool websites that he doesn't mention except offhandedly and then I spend hours going through it wishing I had a list of other 'gems' that he might have hidden in his cache while I keep looking at the clock thinking I really should go to bed but only after I read one more page and thinking to myself if only I had a list of his bookmarks so I could look at them when *I* have time instead of when he drops them on me thread.

The one dropped tonight

In case it wasn't obvious, manfred, this is here for you dispense with more of your favorites so I can view them. I think critical miss gets my vote for a seal just because...

Now I can't just so easily drop all my jewels, can I? :D

They were hoarded together, with oh so much toil and suffering, surfing the endless waves of Internet, till my eyes get bloody and I cannot anymore...

Now that I am not such surf monster, but instead begin to be a Citadel-addict, (Any therapy group out there? I meant NOT the Citadel :) ) I discover less new pages than I did before...

Stay tuned though, in a few days I will hoard together my jewels, and a few worthless trinkets hidden here and there. THEN you will see. Muahahaha... you know the rest. :wink:

(Alright Strolen, you asked for it. :wink: )

Here cometh a trove of Manfred's wonderfule and noth so wonderfule linkses, leading to all places possible and impossible. Disclaim do I, that dis list is surely not complete, as my memory has more holes than 'Huacan cheese visited by Kalap'lan mouse. Comes yet wyth His Manic Majesty's personnaly lejendary commentary!

For this list I give less guarantee than software-vendors do (ie: none).

Personal Resources (done by individuals or groups)

http://mythmere.tripod.com Mythmere, a wonderfule resource for most things you may seek.

http://hiddenway.tripod.com/ Hiddenway, another great one. Be sure to see the city of Adelfarn.

http://www.agyris.net Agyris world and rich resources

http://www.mythosa.net/ yet another world...

http://www.maranci.net seems boring? Note the RuneQuest pages!

http://members.aol.com/MarkJYoung/ They say this guy is long in the business already... has quite a few good things at hand.(If you can find it.) One place is http://members.dandy.net/~mjyoung/writings.htm

http://www.angelfire.com/ma/rpg/index.html The World of Arumo. An interesting world-building idea. Pop-ups though.

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Fortress/6394/gallery.html Maelstrom Campaign, another must-see

http://www.ddream.com Place to find traps en-masse.

http://www.io.com/~sjohn/ again, much to find and enjoy

Specialized and advisory resources

http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se Elfwood, an excellent place to find pictures and fan fiction.

http://www.burningvoid.com/ Valuable advices for DM's.

http://www.roleplayingtips.com The name says it all. Good, but be warned that it slowly turns commercial.

http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/5037/netbook/table.html DM's Netbook ... bad links there or what?

http://www.gamegrene.com good advice, even Evil GM Tricks, hmmm...

http://www.criticalmiss.com RPGs seen the other way :twisted:

http://www.irony.com Irony Games. Love them.

Directories (sort of commercial resources)
...and others.

http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/byzantium/55/ The Blue Troll, one directory with character

Companies (downright commercial resources, or not quite so)

http://www.basementgames.com See Juravia. Not updated anymore. Freely accessible (requires login though) are many things. d**n, seems they deleted that over 200 brief yet usable rumours, that were there.


http://strolen.com Know this one? A nice one, worth visiting. A d**n good resource, too. :wink:

http://www.realmsofevil.net Yeah, liked them for a long time... Things accessible from main page are seldom updated now, most of the activity goes on inside this corpse... which is not truly dead.

http://www.gamingoutpost.com Had lively forums, but now seems to grow dead. I was there for a short time before it turned commercial.




You mortals have summoned me by creating a portal to my realm.  Woe to you! ;)

Anyway, I saw this topic as a referal in my site stats and decided to check it out :)  I noticed manfred said we hadn't updated the actual site in a while and wished to prove him wrong ;)  I have converted a lot of material to D20 and have added a considerable amount of new spells to the Bloodtome :)

BTW, you guys want to trade links? :P


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