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Code of Conduct
« on: February 13, 2006, 10:40:34 PM »
Welcome to Strolen's Citadel! This site is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can share and discuss your own ideas as well as comment and view what your friends have submitted. This works out best when we treat each other with the respect and courtesy that you would appreciate for yourself. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized and mature manner in all your correspondence to maintain this friendly, sharing atmoshphere.

In the spirit of this we have established a relatively straight forward Code of Conduct to help us maintain the site's integrity and ensure it remains a quality resource.

I will always respect the opinion of my fellow Strolenite.
-We are each unique and we cannot control each other's opinions. The best we can do is strive to understand them so that we can better accept them. There will be NO flaming or rude personal attacks against each other. We are very liberal with discussions but, if it gets personal, the comments will be instantly deleted by the moderators, no questions asked or explanation given. These are one of the few times that we will edit anything on the site. We take this VERY seriously. If somebody can't feel safe airing their opinion then all the work gone into the site is useless. We will strive to maintain a cordial and friendly environment at all times.

That said, this does not mean you cannot disagree, we expect that. It is very easy to be be critical of something without being rude. Make the comment productive and helpful while saying what you feel needs to be said. Simply saying something sucks or is cliche or some other scathing remark will be considered 'rude' and will most likely be removed. Tell how you feel, but do it in a constructive, friendly manner.

I will always vote the way I feel and not be swayed by popular opinion.
-Your vote is your own and you've earned it, use it how you wish. If everybody loves a submission that you think is just OK, then vote it just OK, that is your prerogative but understand that you will have explain yourself. Just voting and saying "Eh, it is ok" without explanation is not helpful and will stir up the ire of the Strolenites. If you explain yourself then at least we can agree to disagree, probably after a flurry of polite discussion.

I will not Plagiarize and will give credit where credit is due.
-We expect you to use ideas and concepts on the site. We do not expect you to submit something to the site (or elsewhere) and take credit for it if you have not written it. If you use somebody else's idea from somewhere on the site (which is fine) then put a link back to it and explain where the idea came from. We love when people use our ideas, as long as we get credit for them.

I will use proper punctuation and grammar to the best of my ability.
-It is understood that a good deal of people posting are from different countries and English is their second (third or fourth) language. It would not hurt to let us know this in your intro or in your profile's homepage. Spellcheck is available and there are many (including myself) that would be happy to give anything a quick read and correct any blaring mistakes. This Code is more for those that insist on using l33t or refuse to capitalize anything. I am hardly an English major but there is a difference between trying to write a good submission and being lazy. Remember, there are few things that harm a post as much as improper spelling,capitalization, paragraph formatting, and bad grammar.

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