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Out of the shadows strides a black skinned elf, strumming a guitar. "Greetings fair lady. Welcome to the Citadel. Might I play a song for you whilest we await the others to arrive?"

The offered popcorn begins to move and tremble of its own accord. Moments later a pair of antlers emerge followed by a most adorable squirrel. Popcorn is stuck on a couple of th antlered points and the squirrel casually flips onto his back using the popcorn as an improvised beanbag type chair.

"I thought I heard voices. Very pleased to meet you, glad you found us!"

A barrel full of sailor's grog rolls across the courtyard, chased by a penguin in a ridiculous pirate's captain getup with a wooden toy sword.

"Yarr!" he yells, dashing by. "Me grog! Welcome, sultry sand maiden, and all that. Wish I could talk more but I gots ter catch me grog!"

Alia's vivid sapphire eyes watch each entity with curiosity. She releases a soft laugh at the comical creatures and scene, then she verbalizes in a suave and musical tone. "It is a pleasure to meet you all...I am glad that I am so welcomed!"

In one stately motion Alia declines her striking countenance in greeting. Preciosa emits a gentle squawk and with a delicate hand Alia retrieves a quantity of popcorn and bestows a piece to the gallant hawk. Eagerly the hawk seizes the portion and consumes it. She also extracts a donut from the pack that was positioned by her by the dragon-like being, Kassil.  Alia rotates to confront the male elf as crimson lips spread into a affable beam and then she emits a statement that goes accordingly: I would enjoy some tunes after such a arduous trek.â€?

A dragon comes flying from the nearby mountains
"Greetings and welcome. I´ve nothing to offer but my friendship hope its enough.."


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