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The elf grins at the dragon, as he starts playing some gentle music on his guitar, "Since when does one need to offer more then friendship Karad'as? Besides, you bring your own sense of madness to the group, and that counts for much here."

ifrid start walking away and says " they always forget to say hello to the vampire i must hurry the sun is rising  goodbye my friends i got a get back to the south of the citadel to the cementery

A green-eyed, s**t-brown haired wise-ass appears, garbed in a straight-jacket and eating a Twizzler hands-free.

He kicks the elf in the eye, stabs the vampire, spits at the dragon, molests the she-wolf, and tosses the antlered squirrel.

"This is the lamest greetings thread ever" he says and runs away.  :P

Ah, the internet of 2003


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