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Exquisite young woman makes an entrance garbed in a gown and cloak of earthy hues with a verrin hawk peacefully resting upon her gloved hand without jesses. The intelligent eyes of the bird of prey scope the room as Alia smiles at her companion. Her flaxen tresses sway around lean shoulders as she progresses and then pauses, hoping someone would approach her and perhaps provide guidance.

Ria Hawk:
A short, brown-haired woman wanders past, fiddling with a bag of marbles.  "Oh.  Hello.  I'm Ria Hawk.  Welcome to the Citadel.  Make yourself at home, and pay no attention to the truly wierd things that are quite likely to happen soon.  Kassil has donuts, if you want some.  He should be by soon."

A large reptilian head - quie like that of a dragon, although the scaled wolf-like ears atop the skull offer an odd picture compared to the classic dragon - emerges from a nearby stable, looking quite fearsome for a moment as the wide-open mouth has many sharp teeth shine in the sunlight... Then Kassil finishes his yawn, and turns a curious blue-green eye on the newcomer.

"Welcome to the Citadel. I'm the resident dragon, as it were. Make yourself at home, claim a few rooms in the Citadel proper, and relax. Pay no mind to the squirrels and penguins, they're mostly harmless."

A long tail tipped with a lethally sharp spike emerges from the shadows of the stable, and deposits a small sack next to the newcomer. "...Have a doughnut."

you hear a voice from one of  the south alleys ,"welcome to the citadel stranger"  feel free to wander around the citadel  :)

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
*A she-wolf, rises, stretches, then pushes a bowl of popcorn towards the newcomer*  Welcome Alia.


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