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Moonlight and Shadows ~ A Neverwinter Nights Mod


I just wanted to put in a plug for my Mod for those of you who play Neverwinter Nights.

I run a persistant world (PW) called Moonlight and Shadows.  It is for Neverwinter Nights, and you can access it thought GameSpy under the Role Play heading.

A bit about our mod:

This server uses the CEP 1.5 & PRC 2.2c A hak is required to play and you can find it at our site:



Moonlight and Shadows is set in the Forgotten Realms. This includes several key FR locations and NPCs. Our builders have worked hard to give each and every area rich detail so that you may fully enjoy your playing experience. Take some time to look around.

This is a Role Play focused server, so if you are looking for H&S, this is not the place for you. We encourage and reward good role play, though there is plenty of adventure to be had.

It is also a MATURE server. This means that there may be adult language or situations. If you are not old enough to handle this, do not enter the server.

Please see our site for a further information.

Thanks! We do hope you enjoy your stay…


Hundreds of playing areas, with quests throughout

Vibrant NPCs

DMFI wands (Widgets and wands for PCs and DMs)

PGS Guild System (Enables players to run their own guild)

AFK Lounge (Accessible through a widget, so that you may safely go AFK.)

Jaesperres AI (Just wicked!)

We post games on NWC (www.neverwinterconnections.com)

You can see a bit about me here: http://www.neverwinterconnections.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/statistics/id/35347.htm

You must have Neverwinter Nights and the expansion packs to play on this server.  We strive to be a high role play server and make the game as close to PnP as we can.

Enjoy, and happy gaming!

Ancient Gamer:
Sounds great. We got to learn about this server after they successfully ran manfred's "To Die for Love" plot. We are proud to hear that you people are using Strolen's material, and we hope you have similar success in the future. Let us know how it went!

Absolutely to know that a strolenties work was put into a playable computer gaming material, even as a mod, is exciting. I would love to play it in NWN just to visuall see how it works out.

It is a mod, but it is a Persistant World Mod.  That means it runs 24/7, and you can play outside events, as well.

We are constantly adding to it and expanding.

Speaking of, if anyone knows how to build/script for NWN, we are always in need of those!  Contact me at: fenixphire@moonlightandshadows.com

Thanks again!


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