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--- Quote from: Strolen on January 30, 2006, 08:12:38 PM ---We can be passionate about some things and many of us have personally established systems of rating things so if somebody disagrees with us then we want to understand why.
--- End quote ---

I echo this strongly. In fact, I am actually the bastard who is most against D&D, medieval settings, high magic, elves, and those other fruity fantasy cliches, and while I tend not to vote very strongly on those preferences, I do consider it important to break free of such cliches.
ALSO, on Strolen's statements that about bare bones v.s. detailed, I'd like to say that I find exceptionally clinical and bare bones submissions (such as MoonHunters... No offense, Moon, but I simply find them lacking in interest because they are SOOOOOO dry; it's like reading a perscription or a highly technical manual on how to configure a VCR) quite boring and rather disappointing. Not everyone keeps my particular views, though, so don't, like, change the way you right or anything.

I think the most important thing to say is that it needs to be unique and different. That's what'll take you far.

Ria Hawk:
I can't really add much to this, except that if you post something, and it doesn't score high, take the constructive criticism for what it's meant for, and ignore the rest (sadly, there are those who don't give the constructive criticism; don't take it personally.)  If you listen to the advice the other posters have, quite often you'll revamp your idea and make it much better; there are some of the vetran posters who I've seen redo a particular submission four or five times.  And don't be afraid to ask for help; that's what we're here for.
And don't sweat the scores.  I don't think any of us get high scores on everything.

Not much I can add to this one.   (This thread needs to be combed for future FAQ notes...)

I personally would push a useful over colorful post. In the past, usefulness was more important than color (useful with lots of color scored well). The current trend has changed that balance, art over substance and usability.  I am sure it will shift back again. These kind of changes do.

The only thing that will get you in trouble that has not been mentioned in detail is assuming we know something.  This is a "sin" in writing fiction, and a "mortal sin" when posting game related material.  If you are going to post something very odd, either totally alien (akin to a Empire of the Petal Throne/ Tekumel esk/ Journe/ Salizar item), off beat (Something from an Asian Game, A western game, or urban fantasy), or something with different sets of base assumptions (Kerren for example or a Victorian Fantasy or  or a non World of Darkness Vampire/ Werewolf/ Fey/ etc), you need to give the reader all the support they need to fully understand it.  Sure the post might make sense to you, but it will make sense to you and only you.   You need to give the reader every detail they need to really understand the post. Now you don't have to do it in a single post, it could be a set of posts (usually linked by links or freetexts   Ria's Wild Ones for example). You just need to a) include mention of things you might need to read to make sense and b) list appropriate things when you are able.   

My extra bits.

This is some interesting and thought provoking self analysis.  Very nice to see.

Ancient Gamer:
If I might add a comment:
As you can see from the discussion above, a debate of sorts about "colour and flavour" vs "the facts / the essentials" has long drifted in the undercurrents of the Citadel. I am one of the older GMs here and I have my own view on this.

I got to agree with what CaptainPenguin says, for it is not fun to read a technical prescription. But MoonHunter has a point too: Too much colour and too little essence will get you nowhere.

So... Is there a solution? Well, I think you (wildcorn) did good with the "Thoral's Grim Brigade" post. You had juice and flavour, and you still presented the bare bones facts in a bulleted list at the end. Your post also had a point beside being a good read. So what do I prefer? Both flavour and essence! "Without something to catch our interest, most posts will end up between 3 and 4 (unless they are flawed in some way). You GOT to include flavour AND usefulness if a post will ever attain a 5. The same goes the other way round.

At the end of the day you will discover that many other factors influence voting. Some people will like you, and others will not. Such is the way of things. Some people will love your style of writing, others might loathe it. That is normal too. There are factions here: The minimalists vs. the artists. The "superpower-lovers" vs. the "struggle for survival lovers". Some people hate the medieval ages, while other people hate too imaginative posts. Some people cannot stand chrome such as obscure names and undocumented references, while other people thrive on such things. Some people even vote lower if your posts include explicit references, while others might give you a bonus for doing just that.

Then one day, you might find that your votes are decreasing. For no discernable reason, you no longer do as good as you used to. That is normal too, for we grow accustomed to the different writing styles. What once was new and exciting will one day become predictable and old, though good.

We are a diversified community and I can only promise you one thing: You better keep your wits about you if you plan on pleasing all members of our community.


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