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The wise man talks because he has something to say.
The fool talks because he must say something.

I am a fool.

Also, do not ask me any of those strange questions children, for I still do not know the answer.

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
*handing bowl of popcorn to DaWergyling*  Hello, have fun, and enjoy the popcorn.

mm thats smell good .
 :cry: if only i can taste those popcorns but im afraid i can´t ,
ifird head to the south "that make me hungry time to hunt some rats .

Who says that a fool can not be a wise man nor a wise man a fool?

Regardless, rest assured that you are both welcome and a part of the norm. 8)

Ria Hawk:
"You silly bard, you know that "a part of the norm" is an oxymoron here..."  Ria Hawk walks past with eating an apple.  "Anyway.  We have fun and that's all that matters."


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