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You need a castle?


You need a castle?
A historically correct castle?
From Europe (including Russia, Turkey and Syria)?

Burgenwelt (world of castles) - it's in german, but that should be no problem if you follow my instructions  .

First, use the link above. You see a clickable map.

Select a country (in some countries you have to select a state on a clickable map after the country selection).

You see a list of pictures. Click on a picture.

Now you see some tourist information in german, a picture and three links.

The left one reads 'Historie' (history , text in german ), the middle one 'Ansichten' (Pictures of the castle), the right one 'Grundrißplan' (floorplan).

Get what you want and have fun.

If you want to read more, goto Altavista.com and hit the translator site  http://babelfish.altavista.com/

If you know of other sites that do this, reply them to this category.

Great site! And still around.

Altavista? Oh man, that brings back memories.


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