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Here we go. I am thinking about making a whole codex of mercenary companies, mercenaries, and some such. I am working on another unit or two. So here is the deal, in mercenary fashion.  You write up a mercenary unit, mercenary leader, a mercenary soldiers (extras or even hords), or something related to the mercenary life.... put mercenary in the free-text; post up what you want me to post or comment on here.

So if Kinslayers wrote up a mercenary unit, he would reply here and asking me to post something for him, like a new demon cult for Midian, or somesuch.

See, I am now an mercenary. Pay me with a post and I will post for you.


This fish would have bitten even without the personal bait.  I'll see what I can do for this, but no promises on the timeline...

Ria Hawk:
Go look at Arkath the Contractor.  Should this be acceptable, go... comment on one of my submissions, I guess.  Your choice.

I'm certainly interested..  Give me a couple of days,and I might have something that will whet your apetite.. How do you feel about merc companies that have a specalised purpose?

Ok but I might not be able to think of anything.


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