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My name Gargant i hail from the icy mountains of Grog. I am here to tell u the countless strories of my world, Cornia. If you would like to begin a discussion or share tales from our different worlds, please dont hesitate.

Greetings, and welcome to the Citadel. As long as you come in peace, you're welcome here. Kick back, relax. Kassil reaches into his lair with his tail, then the 20-foot-long reddish-brown dragon with the wolflike ears offers a box of doughnuts to the newcomer. Have a doughnut, and expect madness to swarm.

Ria Hawk:
"But I thought swarm season wasn't until next month..."  A short, brown-haired woman wanders past.  "I dunno, though.  It's always crazy round bout here."

Swarm season was last month, corn season in next month, it was in the memo.

Welcome Gargant, we are pleased you fell through the dark maelstorm that landed you here.

Cornia sounds interesting, I have an eye for details and would love to see you tell your tail.  :wink:

...But I thought that Lady Wiccan Wolf, Karad'as, and I were the tail-tellers, being the ones with the most dramatic tails...


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