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What is Warpstone?

Warpstone is an independent magazine dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, the system originally developed by Games Workshop and now published by Black Industries.

We put out three issues each year, each filled with new background and scenarios.
The magazine is distributed world-wide and is completely independent, and all material is unofficial (even the bits written by published WFRP writers!). Warpstone tries to build on the greatest strength of WFRP: the background. We do not publish pages of new rules, careers and skills. Instead, we concentrate on developing and expanding the world. (We do sometimes include rules or careers when the background warrants them, but these are kept firmly in the WFRP context.) Warpstone also keeps readers informed of the latest Warhammer and gaming news, as well as reviewing all the relevant material critically and honestly. Finally, the magazine is providing a place where the best in WFRP writing and opinions can be brought together.


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