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pre Tolkien fantasy

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What kind of fantasy was around before Tolken, was it any good. 

You don't know what kind of fantasy was around before Tolkien?  :what:

I didn't think the world existed until after Tolken. :shock:  How could they live without Tolken knock-offs?

Ancient Gamer:
Well... You had Robert E. Howard and H.P.Lovecraft, though the latter hardly qualifies as fantasy. In my opinion both these authors had qualities that in many cases exceeded those of Tolkien. But I will admit that Tolkien set the standard and that his craftsmanship is in many ways unparallelled. There were others too, but I leave it to CP to explore those. :p

In many ways the Tolkien knock-offs are our first introduction to fantasy and roleplaying. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, though it is politically incorrect to admit that I ever did that. But I did. A lot. But the wheel of time turns and with time what once intrigued you becomes routine. When that time comes, I am sure you will not only find that life without Tolkien knock-offs is possible. It is enjoyable!

I meant what kind of style was their and i thought tolkien was the source of most fantasy to do with different races and the other cliches that i thought he invented. Could you explain about the different PT pre tolkien fantasy.


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