What did you think of the movie?

It was so awful I had to eat roaches to feel better.
2 (20%)
I mailed a posion letter to the writers.
4 (40%)
It turned me into a newt! ... I got better.
3 (30%)
I had to repeat a grade because it made me so stupid.
1 (10%)
I dress like the opposite sex now.
0 (0%)
I bought a master reel and burned it!
0 (0%)
I loved it. I also like sex with donkeys!
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Popular Fantasy: D&D the Movie  (Read 11955 times)

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Re: Popular Fantasy: D&D the Movie
« Reply #25 on: April 06, 2006, 01:34:46 PM »
When people talk about their scuba diving, golf and horseback riding hobbies, I want to talk about roleplaying. Preferably without being branded as an anti-christ underground cult leader. Without being branded as an imbecile. Like the last time I talked about it with some people I had not met before (but who had played when they were teens). When I told them I GMed for a roleplaying group, they rolled their eyes and one of them exclaimed: "You STILL roleplay? I quit that when I was 17!"

It is even worse with people who haven't played before.
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Re: Popular Fantasy: D&D the Movie
« Reply #26 on: April 30, 2006, 08:57:40 PM »
I rather liked the sequel.  Had it been released as the original--and the first one instead released as the bigger-budget sequel--both would have done far better in total sales, and both would have been far better received.
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Re: Popular Fantasy: D&D the Movie
« Reply #27 on: May 01, 2006, 01:01:35 AM »
Well, I finally watched the entire movie, the first one that is.

Damon Waynes as Snails was pretty funny, being the only sane one, dragons and mages, lets forget that, lay low and then come back and rob EVERYBODY! that was funny.

The pert little Empress in the gold armor, sans dragon, pretty cool.

The Master of Thieves guild, suitably slimey and weaselly

balf guy with blue lipstick...kept thinking of that episode of friends
The over-acting evil mage
Mages Versus Dragons
Dragons sucked
Naive twit mage referred to as Low-Level in the movie!
Poor attempt at noble/commoner disputes as mage/commoner setting
The black elf chick with the steel breast plate...with steel breasts

Gah...it still sucked
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