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V2.0 Email Notifications - Beta
« on: January 15, 2006, 09:34:22 AM »
Email notifications might be available for the Main Citadel now. I have the code up and have tested it on myself successfully but that is all the testing I can do at the moment.

The system is 100% opt-in. To turn on the emails please visit your profile in the Main Citadel and following the "Profile" link in the top right header graphic.

Once in your profile, directly next to your name, should be the "Edit Preferences" link.

Email Options are:
Notify me of:
 All New Submissions (If you check this, no need to check any other)
-- Only New Articles
-- Only New Dungeons
-- Only New Items
-- Only New Lifeforms
-- Only New Locations
-- Only New NPCs
-- Only New Plots
-- Only New Societies
-- Only New Systems

 All New Comments (If you check this, no need to check any other)
-- New Comments on Submissions I commented on.
-- Only New Comments on My Submissions

Once you do that, then let the Beta Testing Begin.

PLEASE report any unusual emails and/or no emails when you think you should have gotten one.

This is a test phase for the feature.


(And if you haven't been to your profile before, notice that you can change themes on the same page as the email updates and you also have a "home page" type thing at the bottom of your main profile that you can use for whatever you want.)
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