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I'm back...
« on: January 14, 2006, 04:33:34 PM »
Well, well, well if it isn’t one of my favorite sites…Strolen…

Yes, yes, we all know my reputation, but actually you’ll be surprised to find that I am back and doing well. A few things happened while I was away. I’m sure everyone knows that America has landed war in Iraq. Well both of my oldest brothers are serving in Iraq and well the second oldest (not the eldest), died a month past. Please don’t give me your condolences, I already have them and it’ll get me to be more upset.

However, we also moved into a new house and I finally am able to say, I have a brand new computer as well as the Internet in my bedroom. I have worked on several stories as well as new rpg sites. I’m collecting ideas to gather around and share them off and hopefully make a better (and more clear), story. That way, there won’t be the OOC’s since it’ll be an OOC-based line.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve been able to work on my writing, better etiquette in writing, but I’ve got one problem. I seemed to have found a pet peeve in writing. I can’t stand immature writings. Looking back at TROLM, I have read and re-read the introduction and have found it’s ultimate weakness. Now I ponder whether I should redo it again and make more…interesting, or leave it be and just continue on. Either way I’ll make a decision when I’m more comfortable in getting back online and changing ways.

As for school, it’ll be harder and my time for the Internet will be limited (by my choice). My classes are honors and college bound honors and so… people should get the jest.

I’m glad to say I’m back in writing and I’m changing some ways.

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Re: I'm back...
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2006, 05:43:13 PM »
Welcome back Alexia. Been doing our own changes around here ourselves so I can understand what you are saying. The status quo isn't my style as there is always something to learn and something to improve.

So glad you are back in whatever capacity. Good luck with the classes too!

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Re: I'm back...
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2006, 07:19:00 PM »
Welcome back Alexia! It is good to have you back!
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