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Favorite Game Quotes

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Yeah...I apologize for that comment. It was kind of juvenile. But it was so funny at the time! (By the way, the unfortunate sandwich eater was our friend, PriatePenguin)

Ria Hawk:
"Aggh!  I am the godsd@mned Queen of Thieves, and I can't even untie my ow f-ing hands!"
This was a character that I had in high school.  She was the greatest living thief in the kingdom.  Locks meant nothing to her.  Knots, on the other hand, were a different matter entirely.

"I'm mad, not stupid."
Same character, who was also more or less insane.  In one of her more lucid moments, someone asked her to do something that would have been suicidal.

"See, no.  You don't get to play with time."
This was a character that was, for lack of a better description, an uber-mage.  Time and physics were his playthings.  The above was said to a doppelganger clone that had tried to pass himself off as the mage.  And later tried to go against him in a magic duel.  Which leads to the next:

"Awww... He's so stoopid."
This was a catch-all quote.  For some reason, enemies consistently underestimated us.

This is a personal favorite, and actually spans multiple characters.  This is said after waking up after being clonked on the head, or having a few too many.

"That which does not kill you makes you stronger.  Having an outlaw for a friend will certainly do one or the other."
The outlaw in question was a very much wanted assassin with demon wannabes on her tail.

"Come, my trusted friend.  Let us go turn the bad guy's hideout into a parking lot."
I honestly don't remember the situation, except that it was a very annoyed Shadowrunner who said it.

This phrase i saw it in a movie from Athilla the Hun and i have remembered it ever since. A roman comes to ones of Atthilla's cities and said:
"This city is very beautiful, but civilization is for for the civilized".

I need to explain a little about the situation.

I'm currently a part of a dragonstar game. With the exception of the PCs, everyone on the flagship is either incompetnent of stupid(something of a reflection of the DM's personality). Our Captain will say this after the exceptionally stupid events.
"Riiight. I'm going to punch you now."

My favorite quote of all time belong to Monty Python:
"NO ONE  expects the SPANISH INQUISITION!!!" :mrgreen:

ok here are some of my favorites:

" I can't hear them scream , but at least i don't have to listem to them beg " - Phage the untouchable

"Those who live by the sword will die by the sword."

"We have ways to make you talk , but you have nothing interesting to say"


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