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Favorite Game Quotes

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Murometz: This goes without saying, but once again, I have no idea what you are talking about.

"Did you ever just wanna respawn?"   

my young (video) gamer child upon reaching a really badly designed level about to be mobbed.

Found on an RPG.Net sig line for Ravenswing

The Gaming One -
"Call me old-fashioned, but after you're dead, I don't think you should be entitled to a Dodge any more." - my wife

The Internet Ones
"Write what you know, and differentiate between what you know and what you think. Don't try to pass off personal speculation as the truth. Don't hand out the chips on your shoulder and call them facts." - John Mangrum

It isn't that I don't understand what you're saying. It's that I don't AGREE with what you're saying. The distinction can't be all THAT difficult to comprehend, surely?

ANSWER: You have an honest, open discussion of your grievances, like grownups do, stating what's wrong in a calm, civil fashion, and see if you can work out a mutually acceptable solution. QUESTION: What's the magic bullet answer that if everyone memorized would eliminate a full tenth of Open's threads?


Tonight on TLC: Titans and Tiaras, Dragon Hoard Wars, My Big Fat Goblin Wedding, and Are You Smarter than a 5th Level City Guardsman?


Evil isn't grand and powerful and liberating; evil is weak and afraid. ~ Old Geezer@RPG.NET

Related:  "Satan appears only a few times in canon proper, falls into a pit, and lives on forever in the fanfic because some people think he's all badass and dangerous. He's Boba Fett." - Smoot@PRG.NET

You don't fix humanity like it's a broken leg. You fix it like you brush your teeth every night, cleaning out the icky stuff over and over again.

But it always, always grows back. ~ SteveD@RPG.NET

As in so many things, the trick is to know what the hell you are doing, and why. ~ Princess Stacey@RPG.NET

And my favorite... perhaps of all time......

This is a forum board. We talk about things here. We ask questions, we give answers, we ramble, we muse, we discuss. Anything and everything you post is subject to the same process as everyone else's posts. You felt it acceptable to post your views. Thereby, it is acceptable for us to post our views about your views (within the rules of the site). –Sunrunner@rpg.net


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