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How did you become a Strolenite in the first place?

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Way back in WW-nam I was stationed in the European trenches with a couple hardcore gamers. One thing led to another and we created a great gaming group that could always evade our enemies in order to pull an all night gaming crusade. Soon the war ended and we started an educational kick and got away from gaming a bit. We still had night terrors of our gaming sessions so needed a way to express ourselves before we all developed phobias, as many did post-war/gaming. We still had ideas and we were all computer geeks so we organized some black-op meetings planning out our citadel strategy and what we would want in a gaming site. That same core idea has pretty much stuck through all the variations of the site. We just wanted a simple place to share ideas without being bogged down by rules, club membership, or specified specific specifications of specificity. A free flowing place to simply share roleplaying stuff.

It took me a good year or two to get it going and I turned into the primary (only) person able to spend time on the actual code, although ideas about it continued to bounce. It all came together in the Asian theater of war when I woke up at 0400 every morning and coded until I had to get ready for work around 0700. That is when I felt my first earthquake too incidently, a 7.something. So did that for a few months and V1.0 final was born. Through time and suggestions it got entirely out of control and unwieldy so V2.0 was created which turned into an even bigger monster that is even harder to control. After all that I still have a list of phobias that I am too phobic to list.

So that, in a nutshell, is how I came to Strolen's Citadel...

I was working 3rd shift, 2100 to 0530. Despite the Darwinian parade of people who come to my emergency room, I had free time.  So I was checking RPG sites, picking up fonts, learning about writing, researching economic theory, and so on. What ever struck my fancy that night.

It was 3/17, St. Patrick's Day in the US, and I was looking for fonts. I found Strolen's old, old site. It had fonts and a little reference to gaming stuff. I followed the link to Strolen v1.0. It allowed me to endulge all my passions: gaming, writing, GMing, and world creation. Actually that is not completely true... intitially.

Actually originally, I saw the forum. People posed questions that nobody was answering. I answered them. I read ideas and added my thoughts to them. The next day, I composed and posted some other things (it was either Asylum or Dark Eye). The trend continued. I guess I have never left since then.

Try as I may, I cannot remember where I found Strolen's first. I believe I was on one of my RP searchings through the net, trying to find a good place to RP with others, and I came across it...However, I truly have no clue anymore; 6 or 7 months of imersion in a place will do that to you. Strolen's is just a part of my life that I can't imagine losing now that I'm a part of it.

To be honest?

I have no idea anymore how I got here.... It might have been www.gamewyrd.com where I found a link, but it might have been a random mix of about four or five other RPG sites that I frequented at the time.
At any rate, I found something that I could use in my campaign the next week and so I dropped in here very regularly for some time.
Then time, reality and life caught up with me..... Now I am the freak that still knows people like Ria Hawk and did not know that she went missing and is back again....

With kind regards,


Well, I found it the easy way - Ephe (who I'm at college with) told me about this great site where people posted cool RPG ideas that you could read. So, I lurked about for a couple of months before joining, reading all the posts (and at that time, there were few enough that I could read them all), watching the ultra-powerful munchkin items get slated, and then finally joined, posting my first submission in living fear of what Captain Penguin would say about it. Fortunately, he and others were approving, so I posted more and the rest is history. Every now and again real-life comes calling, or I get bored of role-play, or I get wrapped up in my own one and I leave for a few months, only to come back to find a host of new people posting, new submissions to read and that the people who were new-comers when I left are now well-established Strolenites!


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