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How did you become a Strolenite in the first place?

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Ancient Gamer:
How did you come by our community?
Through which channel did you enter the site in the first place? (Feel free to share special stories)

Ancient Gamer:
Personally I googled for RPG resources and "Strolen's" popped up. I browsed the site, noticed this crazy CaptainPenguin-guy and his cohort of Penguin associates and... logged off :twisted:

The layout and design hit a soft spot though and I never forgot the name "Strolen's". Later I browsed dice roller's top 100 and sure, there, in the forums, was a guy calling himself "Strolen". I just had to go back to that place I never forgot and... well, now you are stuck with me :)

All blame Google! Err, I mean praise.

I found a small site that was open to ANYONE to add their ideas, which was quite different to the many closed clubs that were on the web. The quality of the posts varied, and I said to myself I could do this too. So I submitted a few things, became a member, exchanged a few ideas, and time went on. And the page slowly grew and people came.

And I am still here, too! Muahahahaha! :twisted:

Ummm... that was it, more or less.

'tis been quite some time ago that In first stumbbled into this citadel. To be sure it was the same place but the carpet was a little older and the door wasn't quite as shiny as it is now. It was a much different place.

I had been trolling the internet, looking for ideas and inspiration for my gaming and writing, going from one closed site to another. So many had crap content, and so many others were half dead and full of dead links. Then, perchance, I found the citadel in my lonely trodging.

There was this crazy penguin guy who had a rather disturbing looking blue pirate face icon and ranted about pop culture and shouted praise to Cthulu... It was like coming home. I lurked for a few days, reading the new posts, snooping around in the forum. Then I gathered the gumption to post, and submitted Horse Brass and several other horse based articles.

About a week or two after that I found the Greeting's Traveler section and decided to introduce myself. I ranted about Tennessee and ended up in a spat with Adel that the Captain put to an end.

That was some time ago, and though I've not talked to her in a while, Adel and I became friends and the Captain...well he's still the Captain.

Okay, I think it's halfway between the random URL/Google/Link Consortium.  I THINK that I found it through a RPG reasource that I found by random URL after I got tired of looking through google for a good RPG site that wasn't half dead/dedicated to one system.


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