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I finally got around to posting the entirety of the Traps thread. Since most of the posts are really short, I have grouped them into scrolls for easier reference. If you feel a creation of yours deserves more attention or can be expanded, feel free to re-post it, and link it back, as usual.

Mechanical Traps

Magical Traps

Door Traps

Outdoor Traps

But it is the last group that has the least number of traps, yet seems interesting enough to have many more. Sooo...

...who can invent new and interesting traps for outdoors? While free nature may not lend itself to complicated mechanisms, it is much easier to mask something there, and adventurers are less careful.


I will take that challange. And have. Twice. 

So why aren't the rest of you posting?

This one is really quite interesting.  8)

I want to thank all those that took the time and care to add a few new Outdoor Traps, as others.

But of course, if anyone has more ideas...  BUMP!  :)

Two more have been added--and all three of mine have been successfully playtested.


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