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Again from Discovery Channel, this time about... toads:


A breed of toads is slowly invading Australia (well, not invading, but just spreading out into a new area... but you get the idea). They breed quickly, can poison potential predators (They are named 'Toxic Cane Toads', guess why), and eat lots of insects.

The really interesting bit is, that the ones _at the front_ of the invasion line have longer legs then their already settled colleagues. Once settled in, the mutation dies out - it is useful to be first on the frontier, where no toad has jumped before.

The whole 'invasion' has begun only some seventy years ago. Around 1950, the speed of their spreading was some seven miles per year - today it is 30 miles per year.


This only says that, given the right conditions, some species may be able to evolve much faster than is usually thought possible.

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Example for Strolen's Citadel:


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New Link  - http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/africa-s-new-ocean-a-continent-splits-apart-a-405947.html   - Valadaar

AFRICA'S NEW OCEAN - A Continent Splits Apart

That's right, a part of Africa is slowly breaking from its continent, and the ground is slumping

--- Quote ---A group of geologists from Addis Ababa University were amazed -- and frightened. They had only just stepped out of their helicopter onto the desert plains of central Ethiopia when the ground began to shake under their feet. The pilot shouted for the scientists to get back to the helicopter. And then it happened: the Earth split open. Crevices began racing toward the researchers like a zipper opening up. After a few seconds, the ground stopped moving, and after they had recovered from their shock, Ayalew and his colleagues realized they had just witnessed history. For the first time ever, human beings were able to witness the first stages in the birth of an ocean.
The dramatic event that theywitnessed in the Afar Desert on Sept. 26, 2005 was the first visual proof of this process -- and it was followed by a week-long series of earthquakes. During the months that followed, hundreds of further crevices opened up in the ground, spreading across an area of 345 square miles. "The earth has not stopped moving since," geophysicist Tim Wright of the University of Oxford says. The ground is still splitting open and sinking, he says; small earthquakes are constantly shaking the region.
--- End quote ---

Large areas are already under the sea level. And in a nick of time (geologically speaking ;) ) will Africa loose its 'horn'

The point is, if there weren't mountains close to the sea, much of the area would be already below water. Can you say 'the campaign world underwent a massive change'? Read the article for more.

that IS d**n interesting!


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