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They look to be largely based on physical geography - Blue Ridge, for example, and Mesabi after the Mesabi Range.

The disadvantages seem a little optimistic: I don't think the good people of Hawai'i would take a liking to being in the same state as Portland, OR. As a post-apoc map, I'd separate Hawai'i into its own nationstate, or even the individual islands. But otherwise, it would make for a rad Cosmic Era map, circa-22nd century.

Do NOT mess with Stephen Colbert on Tolkien knowledge!!!!

Stephen Colbert schools James Franco on Tolkien knowledge again! HD

18 obsolete words, which never should have gone out of style

Ah, yes. Kacirk.

You may like this, Myst: http://strolen.com/viewing/Ye_Olde_English_the_Archaic_Word_Challenge

Where we take the "interesting non-game stuff", and churn it, until it becomes "interesting game stuff" whipped cream. :)

Go on, pick a word and write a sub, i double-dare you



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