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The Ochre Door


Some day, we will have an Court of Notice section, where we can put up announcements about posts (asking for people to look at them), standing challanges about posts (If you do a city image, I will actually do an undead), or requests for action (not quests, but more like "Hey wouldn't it be neat if we all did...". Someday that section will open, and this will be "The Old Post" in that section.

The main reason I am announcing this one, is that it has been in my working pile so long that people won't see it as a new post. (it is submission 1183 and we are currently on submission 2056 on 12/18/05)). So comment and vote on it. It is not an epic submission, but it is somewhat worthy.

What I am challanging the community is to "do something" with it. Do a related submission (an NPC through it, a plot that uses it, a set of dungeon things in it, and so on) or expand upon it with the comments.

Why am I doing this? I like this piece. (We also need to beef up the dungeon section on the Citadel side.) It also has some nostalgia for me, as inspired by my first dungeon back in 1981 (which in turn was based on Death Test from TFT).


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