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Back to Strolen.com
« on: November 20, 2005, 08:26:03 AM »
Well, if you are here then you made it to www.strolen.com. We finally made the transition off the test server and we are now official!

There also may be some hardcoded links that have the "rpgcitadel.com" domain in them. I will try and go through and find them but if you notice one please let me know in a post/comment/PM so I can fix it.

We made it through a few days with lots of minor errors and a couple really good ones. So, if you are still trying to figure out what is going on, I have a couple request and/or suggestions.
If you have inputted any submissions here we would appreciate it if you would go through them.
Check the categories and make sure they are where you want them to be and, if a category is blank, update it to reflect the new system.
Read through them and make any other changes that might be necessary. The move screwed up a lot of special characters and some links may not have translated over.
There are a lot of new submissions that are actually quite old. Huh? These, sometimes very popular, posts that were once in the forum are now lonely neglected submissions sinced they moved into The Citadel. Not for long though with your help. Spend a couple minutes in the Uncommented and Unvoted links in the right menu and give these submissions some love. Use your votes, everybody gets 25 daily for the foreseeable future so use them while you have them. You get bonus XP for using all your votes in a day and please comment those votes! Authors love feedback and it will start driving conversation again.
You could also take a look at the Codices and Scrolls links which show some new ways to organize submissions. These often times incorporate the new Forum posts that need your votes and comments!

Most of all, don't be bashful. This is the same old place as before, it just looks shinier and it has that new web site smell. Use your votes, comment on something, and maybe even say hi to us in the right menu chat. There is always the Citadel Explained page that might answer some questions.

Special thanks to the following people who have been helping with suggestions, bug reports, and just regular old support.

Kate D.
Ancient Gamer
Cheka Man

Apologizes to anybody I may have missed.

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