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The Final Transition
« on: November 14, 2005, 02:57:16 PM »
The final transition will happen sometime in the next couple hours. My great webhost is going to rename the rpgcitadel.com name to strolen.com for the final phase of our transition!

When this happens you will at the very least have to login again as the cookie will no longer be valid. You very well may be here before I can get the forum updates in place so you may not be able to login at all, or if you do you will only be able to view the first page and then it will log you out. This will because the cookie domain doesn't match the updated domain. I will fix this as soon as I notice that the final transition has happened.

There also may be some hardcoded links that have the "rpgcitadel.com" domain in them. I will try and go through and find them but if you notice one please let me know in a post/comment/PM so I can fix it.

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