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Pirate Penguin:
A pirate who can't spell slaps his captian in the face.

Aye prepaar to b boarded

its not good to slap a captain in the face, He'll make you walk the plank.
And dont worry, most pirates cant spell

How many pirates can spell? Besides, how would you know if most pirates can spell or not? Were you a pirate once?

It's common knowladge most pirates cant spell. When you spend all your time looting and robbing, who has time to learn good grammer?
Also, the pirate lingo is all slang, so you don't know how to spell in "proper" language. (I say "proper" as however we think it is supposed to be spelled.)

"Yarr! Just observe my language! It be riddled with insane grammatical errors and intentional misspellings! D'arr!"


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