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The Dark War
« on: October 30, 2005, 08:15:28 PM »
This thread is in production

This is the third and last campaign in the prophecies series. The first two campaigns are "Prophecies of Redemption" and "Prophecies of Hope". This thread will hold my current ideas and any notes about vital foreshadowing and other notes I have made available.

.This campaign will be run even if the elves fail to get the sword Demontongue and the village chosen fail to save Camhol, the saviour, and deliver him to the Unkaralth Citadel
-This campaign will be moderately hard if both the prequel campaigns fail and insanely hard if Camhol survives the Prophecies of Hope Campaign. Yes, the more successful the PCs are in earlier campaigns, the harder it will be to succeed in this one.
-Camhol will begin the campaign as a dashing young hero played by a PC and end the Campaign as either the most black hearted villain in the history of the sentient races or a fallen hero.
-The actions of the PC who initially play Camhol will determine whether Camhol falls and ascends the throne of the Ascended Ones or whether he despairs and leap to his death. The PC will be faced with the seven cardinal sins in moral dilemma plot situations. If he fails in either of the seven tests, which he of course will not recognize as tests, the fate of the "saviour" is sealed and he will ascend the throne.

Plot ideas:

Dreams of a burning sky (Campaign 80% done)
Across the ocean the dreams of the young saviour change. Each night he has visions of a burning sky; sees heavenly stones fall aflame from the celestial sphere. Each night he is reminded of the vaults beneath the Sepulchre of the Slain God: The very place in which his mother lost her sanity while he was but an infant.
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