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Shades of Nembutta
« on: October 25, 2005, 02:16:30 AM »
hi all just joined, howdy howdy howdy!

ok this is what i have based most of my adventures on for the past few years:

there are many forces that make up various balances thruout the universe. one of them is the balance between magic and technology. as more people learn to create objects in the material world, their magical beliefs wane, as they are becoming more emmersed in their material existence.

across the galaxies this balance reveals pockets of magic, or mana, or many other belief systems offering explainations, lol.

in the galaxy where my fantasy magical adventures take place is one of the few bastions of magic. so powerful is its essence that technological devices that enter the galaxy begin to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. like wise, magical items break down or become useless outside of the galaxy.

in this galaxy lies most of the classic worlds we have all heard of, such as greyhawk, faerun, mystara, etc. knowledge of each other lies only with the spelljammers and their peoples that they deal with.

also this is the age known as 'end game', when the gods themselves have last many bastions of belief across the universe to technologically advancing races. as as preparation to their last defense, the have sealed off the central core of the galaxy with a massive power force of divine energy. they have revoked any clerical/druidic spell above 4th level, unless that divine spellcaster is working towards the divine goal. inside the inner sealed portion of the galaxy is the planet we know as dark sun. here a extremely powerful defiler named dregoth has created a force that seeks to bring more technology into the galaxy, reducing the divine power. when dregoth's force 'broke ground', it resulted in the annihalation of a planet and over 500,000,000 humans being lost. some divine spellcasters find that in the early epic levels they are often coupled with of thers of their kind, but from diverse and sometimes opposite beliefs.

also in this galaxy the world of ravenloft is the seat of undead power, and if it were to ally all of the worlds controlled byundead, they would rule one third of the galaxy.

of course their is room for all the races from illithid to dragons to titans, all somewhere.

my current world is a set of three worlds interconnected by naturally created gates, of ancient sylvan magics. these worls gates open at certain times and the whole sylvan culture bases it on the plane of faerie, which it seems to follow exactly, but appears to be a node, or droplet that imitates the full plane of faerie.

also when i envisioned this concept, years before i even conceivded of having a computer at my disposal, that each DM would connect to the big map and be placed in their own special spot. this would adjust knowledge, encounters resources, etc. then some lucky sucker (prob me lol) would coordinate and update all that was necessary. this also gave open leeway to dm's that need so use tech to spice up their games, thus helping to create the situation I thought up. now with msn, one only needs a cam focused on a die rolling plarform and in my case, a good typer lol, and you've got realtime online D+D! also that was back in the 2nd edit days, and the point system books, so today's 3.5 is perfect.

well, whatcha think?

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Re: Shades of Nembutta
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2005, 08:54:48 PM »
Well...*ahem* Something of serious note to what you're putting here. Two things actually.

1) This has a definite tone of DnD. Point of fact, it fairly REEKS of DnD, and as a general rule those of us here at the Citadel don't like DnD. That's probably the reason that this has gotten no comments from anyone of yet.

2) That said, this is a good basic concept, but has already been done by our own Moonhunter. Obviously his Arth doesn't connect every world and such that every GM the whole world over (which is the point I get from this setting), but the concept of a universal, anything goes world has already been done. Check out the Arth section of the forums here: http://www.rpgcitadel.com/guild/index.php/board,35.0.html
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