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V2.0 Transition Within Sight
« on: October 24, 2005, 10:01:00 AM »
For the two people that have been looking at my Rebuild Blog occasionally, this will come as no surprise. But, from the rest, I hear a "What? Who? They killed him how?"

Yes, the Citadel rebuild has been going on for a looooooooong time and it is finally nearing it's completion.

Today will be the official start of V2.0 Phase I. There are four phases to the dream of all Strolenites to finally take over the world. They are:

Phase I Transfer of all current submissions over to V2.0.
- This will allow the admins to go through and recategorize all the submissions into the new category system.
- You can HELP by categorizing YOUR OWN submissions if you want to get us closer to world domination faster. Simply log in, bring up your submissions and edit them to reflect the categories you want them in.
-This will not affect anything over here so continue to go about your daily routine and do not raise the suspicion of any non-Strolenites.

Phase II The creation and implementation of the new themes created by the fearless Kate D.
- I have it from very reliable sources (OK, THE source) that I should have one of the themes late tonight. That action will advance the timeline of Phase II to that moment. Things are moving rapidly until I get my hands on them and then Phase II quickly slows.
-This phase will last as long as it takes me to import all my code into the theme.
-The new theme will remain hidden until Phase IV.

Phase III This will mark the completion of the theme transfer and the preparedness of the site for the Phase IV.
-A final move of all the submissions and comments that have been inputted since Phase I so the admins can, once again, categorize them and prepare them.
-Final bug checks and system checks will ensure that world domination is within our grasp.

Phase IV This will be one of the scariest parts of our plan and it will have to be enacted precisely and efficiently.
- The forum will CLOSE. Ahhhhhh.
- The rest of the submissions and comments are moved for the last time.
- strolen.com is forwarded to the new site

This last subpoint almost guarantees a Phase V that I forgot to mention.

Phase V Fixing everything that was missed.
- There will most assuredly be some problems with the transfer. I don't know what they are, I just ask you patience as we work through them. I will do the transfer on a day that I will be able to dedicate to the move so hopefully it won't be but a couple hours that it is 'broken'.

'Ware the Ante Diem V Kalends of October.

I will continue with updates as we transition through the phases and will notify you with anything pertinent. Taking over the world can be hard work and it never seems to turn out how you want it to.

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