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What?! You're a writer?!


Don't worry you are perfectly welcome here, though a couple of people might look at you funny (metaphorically speaking).

While we are a gaming community, a roleplaying workshop so to speak, we actually do quite a bit of writing. Think of most of this as a place to post up pieces of a story not yet written. If you have an interesting character, location, setting, item, or plot, you can work it out here by posting it up. Our view of utility will be a bit different than a standard writers group, as characters, locations, groups, etc, written up will need to be supporting types... things that can be "placed" in the game stories of others.

The best thing about this site is it gives you a concrete way to practice descriptive writing and creative elements. If you just posts one thing every day, you will hone your writing stills and your ability to produce prose. You can also build off the ideas of others. You can also exercise your creative muscles here and find new ways to find inspiration.

Personally, I have adopted eight or so categories (or sub categories). I write in each one every two weeks... so I have a self imposed schedule. Each thread is a writing exercise, a forced topic or some constraint on what I write. Some of my favorites are:
*City Image:
*Garage Sale from Hell:
*Rest of the Cast:

(Note: I have loosened my schedule recently because I have some other pressing projects on the board and commitments. I am still putting in one to three posts a day).

I tend to write things in the Dash of Salt category. It is a writing exercise for me. You take a conventional recipe from a source and turn it into a fantasy food piece. My favorites are Kenditho:
[2090#10066|Kenditho] and [2090#10067|Great Kenditho]

And what would be a MoonHunter post without some more links. Here are some links on writing that I have found useful.   They are found in the Interesting Writing Thread...
in the Links section of the forum

If you are writing a novel or doing a number of stories, this is a great place to post up some of that development work that all writers do, but never sees the light of day/ time in the novel. You know about the castle, about that wise woman in the woods, and all these things. You can cut and paste what you have written, add a bit more to be useful to gamers, and there you have it... instant post. Plus you get the advantage of "getting to know" your character, place, item, society, or what ever, even better.

It is the 7/8ths of the iceberg that hold it all together, that which is unseen. Link any of your posts that are from the novel with the novel's name in the freetext... or the name of the series.. or some linking identifier.

10 in 10  The journey of 1000 metaphorical miles begins with putting your hands on keys and typing away.

It is a piece, I would like more people to read.  Here is the link.

Some of us on the Citadel have put together an anthology series of short fiction. Issue 3 of that Anthology Series is out now. Please check it out. If you haven't read the previous issues, you can find links to those at

If you are not a fan of amazon, then be patient, issue 1&2 will be expanded to other Epub venues later this month.


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