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Warm greetings from cold Finland!

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Hm, where to begin? Role-playing games have been really important hobby for me for a long long time. I participated in my first game when I was 6-years old Smile This was possible because I have an older brother, who's 4 years older than me, and at that time one of our neighbors played role playing games and he began leading campaigns to me, my brother and one of my friends.

From that moment on I was hooked Smile But you can imagine that the meaning of games and the way they are played has evolved and changed ever since. Now I'm 24 years old and at the moment we have quite a tight playing group. We mostly play one-shots genres ranging from modern horror to fantasy and sci-fi settings. Nowadays we usually play quite freeform, without actual systems, but every now and then we go back to the basics and fool around with D&D 3ed.

Other big things in my life are music and acrobatics/martial arts. I also think music plays a really big part regarding the way role playing game sessions work. Our group uses a lot of background music and it really makes a difference in the atmospheres and intensity. I also try to make my own soundtracks nowadays, but more about that in the "music in games" -thread.

I haven't been a GM for quite some time, but I have this goal that I'd start somekind of campaign in near future. There are lots of bits, pieces and ideas but I still have to collect them and see how it goes.

But anyways, really nice meeting you all!


Yay for Fins!
How'd you find us?

Moonhunter was kind enough of give excellent commentary on the role of music in games on another RPG board and in that post he used a link pointing to this board, so here I am :)

Hey there!

YEAH!! Moonhunter iz cool!! n_n!!

*MoonHunter bows deeply and with florish*

The upcomming, Strolen's version 2.0, is going to have a place to stash graphic files and sound files. (a visual and audio gallery), sometime in the "near future".  For all the artistic and map making types in the crowd.

Now, remember, be a really useful poster. :)


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