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[Aterrizar] The Mythos
« on: October 03, 2005, 08:05:01 PM »
In the begining, there was darkness.

How long this darkness lasted in unknowable as time yet did not exist. Yet soon there begat something in the darkness. Those of the modern order have created theories of exploding universes, and the folding of the darkness upon itself to create something from nothing. How it happened is inconsequential. What matters is that it happened.

From the darkness came the first will, the first thought. In the Dwarven tongue this essence is translated to the Demi-Urge, or the will to create. And this is what this power did, and recklessly at first. It seemed that the heavens were set aflame with the first creations. Stars of brilliant colors burned while entire worlds were created out of primordial stuff. It was chaos, and it was without boundary.

And yet as the darkness once spawned something from nothing, the endless roar of chaos was chained, and there was created a boundary. This was to become the sphere of creation, yet within it was still very much unformed. THe skies burned in strange green and golden hues, while the essence of earth churned with viscous elasticity while fire, cold and hot danced across the sky, igniting shadow and stone in their dance of creation and destruction.

It was from this chaos that the first of the Primal gods was spawned. These were mighty beings, as gods to the modern gods as they are to men. They were seven in number, as seven is the sacred number of creation. They were light, dark, fire, water, stone, air, and mutable essence - that which is called life.

Each sought to shape creation, folding it and bending it to their will.

Eldest of the seven was Nuit, the Shaper of Night, the Mother of Dreams, and the Goddess of Eldritch magic. She appeared as a woman, with long and lithe limbs, and each of her four hands ended in seven delicate fingers. Through those fingers she wove tapestries of stars, and the beauty of the sunsets and twilight.

Cthon, the god of stone made many things. He crafted metals, and stones, precious jewels and mountains of fire that spilled forth precious alloys and pleasing incenses. He was the greatest crafter of the gods, as his creations endured yet changed slowly with the dynamic forces of heat and tide, pressure and bouyancy.

Citan, brother to Cthon was the lord of flames. He created the bright hot flame and the cold burning flames, and set them to war. Ever he sought to seek challenges, and would work his will with the others. Cthon's stone was made to shift and melt, while his brilliance forced the shadow of Nuit away.

Gaea was the mother of all. She bore from her womb the living things, the trees and the mosses, the antlered beasts and the wolves. She covered the unlovely stone and soil with thick carpets of flowers and sweet smelling grasses. She girdled the mountains with mantles of thick wood and set the birds to singing in their branches. Though not the mightiest of the Primal gods, she was among the most revered as her creations were more than simple fragments of essence, they lived and grew and changed. It was only after this that the pantheons below the eldest gods were given the great and terrible gif of procreation.

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