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Plot from a random source
« on: August 24, 2005, 03:27:13 AM »
We did a little test of the Big List generator with CP. Comments, questions and ideas requested.

[manfred] OK... let's give it a stab. 10 random skills.

[manfred] bribery barter holdout weapon lore investigation hunting weapon lore axe throwing prospecting hydroponics

[CaptainPenguin] From me?

[manfred] If you want to.

[manfred] There is twice weapon lore...

[manfred] ...and investigation.

[CaptainPenguin] Umm, so wait, what am I supposed to do with it?

[manfred] Whatever you can think of, dear CP.

[manfred] Let's have some plot...

[manfred] There is bribery and barter, let's say there is smuggling.

[CaptainPenguin] * CaptainPenguin is confused. His brain feels very tired right now.

[manfred] Smuggling weapons of unknown source, hence weapon lore and investigation.

[manfred] prospecting, hydroponics... uhhh???

[CaptainPenguin] Agriculture, or Crafts.

[manfred] An exotic suppressed minority is the reciever of these weapons.

[manfred] They use it for... hunting?

[manfred] Perhaps man-hunting?

[manfred] So there is a spree of ritual murders, people hunted down by this unknown people.

[manfred] They use a strange weapon, possibly outlawed, brought into the city/setting by smugglers.

[manfred] Investigation centers on the mysterious hunters, and smugglers that supply them with weapons.

[manfred] But why would they need so many?

[CaptainPenguin] Hmmm...

[manfred] Add ritual context: leave weapon at crime scene.

[manfred] Plus maybe a part of them is destroyed by other means, tested and considered unworthy, etc.

[CaptainPenguin] Say the weapon is an exotically-shaped sword or dagger...

[manfred] Or even axe? (there was axe throwing)

[CaptainPenguin] They make their murder-sacrafice, but the ritual is such that it causes the weapon to be shattered to pieces.

[manfred] But those will do, too.

[CaptainPenguin] So they need a new weapon for every killing, specially prepared in their homeland.

[manfred] Ahh... so more investigation/puzzling if you find not the whole weapon but its shattered pieces.

[CaptainPenguin] Perhaps the weapons, by their nature or shape, are fragile, or perhaps they are made to break.

[manfred] Yes...

[CaptainPenguin] Yes.

[CaptainPenguin] Indeeeeeeeeeeeed.

[manfred] *nods*

[manfred] There you go: a plot hook.

[CaptainPenguin] Good job, Manfred!

[manfred] And, that's how the generator is supposed to be used.

[manfred] Take a few random elements, make some sense of them if possible, discard the rest.
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