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The Oracle of Genov'
« on: August 16, 2005, 11:37:42 PM »
OOC: I had time in Florida...with no Internet so I decided to write and actually save this to a disk!

The Map of Genov’

Brief Description
The continent of Genov’ is an elongated piece of land, broken in four major peninsulas, drifting off into their own Island. To the North are iced mountains, icy plains, and frozen tundra’s. To the South of Genov’ you will find hot and humid tropical jungles, and breezy and endless plains. To the East, North East, and South East you will find ashy Mountains with Volcanoes, dangerous Deserts, hot plains and plantations, and even relaxing tropical Islands. To the West, North West, and South West you will find cool climbing Mountains, hidden valley ways, ancient waterfalls, and an abundant source of temperate forests.

The mainland of Genov’ has a large lake called Lake Landeen. In the center of the lake is an ‘island’, called Landeen. Cool plains brush by the very wealthy and political capital of Genov’. With fertile soils (to the West) for large and aged forests, home to the Wood Elves, while the East near Port of Landeen are homes to the many cultured Fresh Water Fishermen, Humans, Water Elves, Half-Elf’s, and above all else, the Oracle.

To the North West of the mainland as well as on the mainland of Genov’ you will find yourself lost in wonder of Try Mountains and Try Hills. The Mountains of Try were created for the cool summer breezes and blizzards in the winter. The Try Hills are isolated hills made will solid grass and fertile land. Places were farmers and capitalists hunger for the virgin soils. Wariah Try originated the first Monk, Wariah Try.

To find this rather large and powerful city, it is just South of Try Mountains. Home to the Necromancers and liberal artists, this powerful place creep with magic for the dead. Though the city itself is built on waterfalls and marble, the homes of many learners actually live inside the waterfalls and underground. Many Dark Elves, Dwarves, and even Half-Orcs, along with very few Humans live their lives out in the study of the body as well as how their magic works with the body of strength.

Just shy of South West of Port Landeen, Crebian dedicates it’s village to sending shipments of farmed plantations to Landeen. From Port S’ernt, Saltwater fish are sent to Crebian, which sends the food directly to Landeen’s Port. Crebian’s are not known for their literature and careless for the money and find themselves lost in passionate work of growing food and ‘life’ for others and themselves until recent years. Mainly Barbarians, Humans, Agricultural Elves, and even some Goblins live in this resourceful city.

Port S’ernt
To the South of the mainland Port S’ernt is home to the large Salt Water Fishermen, Vikings, Barbarians, Orcs, Elves, and sometimes Humans. The over growth and low income of the Port generates homeless and reckless civilizations. Homes are built of unsteady soils, flooded beaches (during the summer to fall seasons), and many murderers. Thought Port S’ernt is known for their damaged civilization, it has a reputation for the best sailors and fish from the deep blue sea.

Moreinu Sewoo
To the far South East of Port S’ernt, you pass The Golden Plains (a far out virgin soil of golden grass, usually growing to the full height of 6-foot), continuing on to the black ashes and volcanoes of the Black Sewoo Mountains, you will soon come to the isolated village of Moreinu Sewoo. This village becomes home of the Orcs, Goblins, Barbarians, Dwarves, Dark Elves, and underground families. Jewlery is always prosperious and found ‘rare’ to anybody outside of the village. Though only few families live above ground, the main kingdom is devoted to the rich soils and comforting darkness of digging, grinding, creating, and spending the fertile soils.

Port Monistad
Going North of Moreinu Sewoo, you will find a mid-class life-style of noble Fishermen. This city (more so a city then a Port), is a guardian of the Monistad Desert. The image of a flat, dry, and unbearable land is home to the teachings of magic at hand. Fundamentalists usually thrive on learning the desert for the knowledge of its fluent magic. Great Wizards home the middle of the desert giving off their magic and hiding the ancient secrets. It is also home to many pure-bred Humans and Halflings. Though this is middle-class, segregation between the pures and half’s prevail in daily feuds.

Tibion D’if
D’if is a place known for the clashing of tyrants. The base home of Goblins of and Orcs, Tibion D’if is also a source for many training Monks and Elementalists close to the Falls of D’if. The peninsula drifted off from a 200 day quake of the soils. Ever since then, hundred of years later, the Kingdom grows in Democracy and try’s to become itself. Landeen and D’if have constant debates about such things and D’if find’s itself in many uproars and still is dependent on Landeen’s income.

Port of D’if
Though the ‘island’ of D’if is not very powerful or known, this place is rarely used by tourists until the middle of spring and fall. The large forests have been cut down creating a direct path to Tibion D’if. This is home to the poor Humans and middle-class Elves.

Kraven Kroft
Heading North, this tiny place is nothing more than a ice land. Surrounding the city of Kraven Kroft are the Kraven Mountains. Tall peeks of iced Mountains, this peninsula is home to the knowledgeable sorceress’s and Elementalists. Kraven Kroft does however, possess a barrier of beauty by magic creating a warm beach and white sanded paradise. Food is generated by Saint Ireen and in return for the food they are given clothes. Very few people live on this cold place; few such as, Humans and Elves. Elementalists are more so abundant here than any other place.

Saint Ireen
Enjoy an Island dedicated to the relaxation? East of Kraven Kroft, this Island has ice blue waves, white sand, palm trees and creates many tourist attractions as well as Rangers. This is the main source of Landeen’s attraction and financial commerce. Fashion trends usually start with Saint Ireen given by the new clothes from Kraven Kroft.

D’hair is South East of Saint Ireen. This is a tepid island that gets attraction by politics. Wealthy civilians usually keep their attention in broadening their views on the growing power by the body and money. Home to the many of Vikings. Tourists usually arrive to D’hair and take a four day journey to Port D’hair, admiring the ancient statues of many great warriors.

Port of D’hair
Large estates grow from the tourist attraction as well as wealthy and strong boats that ship every day to Saint Ireen. Though the government in D’hair despises the tourists, they hold their grudge since their Income ranks number three in Genov’.

Note the actual map is below.
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The Oracle of Genov'
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2005, 11:38:55 PM »
Genov’s Foundation and Great Hero’s History

Please note the time frame of the story goes two generations back.

Captain Aner Reigh Landeen (Ah-near Ray Land-een) was born in the dead winter of the Monistad Desert where he grew up with well known Wizards as a pure bred Human with magical touches. His mother however was never found after the birth of Aner.

Throughout his youthful life he grew to the fascinations of traveling and gaining skills and untold fortunes. By the age of 18, Landeen headed to Port Monistad by foot. His violet eyes and slender features gave off a rather ‘mystical’ attraction to most of the childhood girls. Since he carried an emblem of the Monistad Towers; home to his teachings in magic, he was left untouched and unharmed as well as avoided by the civilians.

With his light features, scrawny body, and long dark lashes to complement his long face and black hair, Aner paid a Viking by the name of Sammantil Harf D’hair (Sam-man-teel Harr-ef Dee-hare). Built broad, strong, and with a rugged feature, his light eyes and long blond locks charmed many women. He carried pure and solid muscle and wielded a large silver battle axe and a long sword. For a years time Sam and Aner became rivals as D’hair headed from Port Monistad and traveled to an unclaimed Island. Mapping the Island Landeen and D’hair soon became close friends, with very different tastes, and started building with their many new and loyal friends.

For another six years, D’hair became loyal to Landeen and taught him battle tactics and political positions. As the Viking’s home was built the great Sam found himself in love for the first time and wished to settle down as they birthed D’hair’s first heir. Landeen asked for a few followers to travel and explore for many more years to come, as he found no lover but the exploration and gaining knowledge. As a loyal man to Landeen, Sammantil gave him the emblem of royalty and gathered a strong crew.

Drifting off from the Port of D’hair, and in a day’s expense from a terrible storm, Landeen’s men drifted off on the Island of Saint Ireen. Enchanted by the silk sand and bubbly iced waves, a young and very powerful woman on a blinding white horse gave the men hospitality for a week as they relaxed. However, Landeen’s curiosity of the fair maiden struck him in awe. He knew nothing and yet he seemed to know all the knowledge of the simplicity of the Islanders.

Ireen Frewa Opeiu (Eye-reen Free-we Oop-ee-new), was light skinned, tall, curvy and slender. She appealed the men a beautiful but there was a deep secret she carried through her light violet eyes and thin clothing. Murder. Though it was never proven, she fled Monistad Desert for killing her teacher and found herself on an Island, dedicating her life to the teachings of relaxation to the mind and body. Landeen was attracted to the woman and found himself in love, even relaxed. Even branded as a murder, she became a saint in helping ship wrecked people and teaching them to be calm and steady. It was a special night the night before he left. In 9 months time their daughter would be born. After the restoration of Aner’s boat, a few of his men stayed behind while others were recruited, some female’s which caused a large distraction to the men. Ireen was offered to travel but refused sadly.

One man by the name of Kraven Zephillias Kroft (Crave-in Ziff-ill-ee-oose Croft) was a Half-Orc with mixture of a Viking. His long black curls and dark skinned sinewy gave more of a frightening mixture to people. Landeen warmed up to him and in return gained respect from a tyrant whose only wishes were to find land and birth his own culture. As a favor Landeen asked the man to be loyal and spirited to his people and himself if he found that perfect land. Kroft obliged and did so as they ventured to an icy land.

Since Kroft had never opened up to anybody Landeen it dawned that one of the woman matched his fiery moods and dark desires. It was then that Kraven married the woman with no questions asked and bore many children after Landeen stayed for a ten year period, adventuring the Icy Mountains, known as the Kraven Mountains.

At the age of 35, Landeen continued past the Kraven Island and headed towards an isolated land filled with Enlightens, Agriculturists, and spirited Monks. Their leader being Wariah Yert Try (War-ee-ah Your-t Try). He was a short and stocky man, dark skinned, dark haired with piercing green eyes that over looked and trained the mind and fellow students. Newly married the 42 year old monk was given the highest rank climbing the Mountains and Hills only to find this paradise stranded with tyrants and illiterate beings. With passion the Monk met Landeen and discussed the minds power and control. For 20 years, Landeen learned from the great man and grew close to his family and children. At the age of 55, Landeen’s body was built strong as was his spirit, magic, and mind, along with his curiosity.

Shipping off with a new crew along with few of the loyal ones, Landeen climbed through the hills as well as snowy Mountains. At age 59, Landeen was in the dark city known as Shawl. Cold and sick, Nephier Hene Shawl (Neff-here Hane Shawl), favored Landeen by his spunk and knowledge and took him in. Her long black hair, pale feature and dark blue eyes took men into favor by their wits and strength.

Landeen grew better by the magic of Necromancer’s and the teachings of Ireen, he became close friends with Shawl but never close enough to get on her rather diplomatic and angry side. He watched from the side at her uncontrolled temper and taught her how to control them. This had sparked Shawl’s emotions to later crumble her empire by falling in love with one Necromancer and bearing a son who will later rule and find himself pulling his empire from ruins.

Continuing his adventure by Worgs (dead green animals, like horses but with more power and longer distances to run and carry more). A sole Necromancer by the name of Hermity Inu Crebian (Hermit-ee Ee-woo Cray-Bean[/i]), wished to stop learning Necromancy and settle down to the loyalty of Captain Landeen from the many tales and stories. Landeen accepted and it was before long that Landeen was ill once again and this time needed to settle down. At age of 87, Landeen had found his own Island and named it Landeen, where all could see his golden palace and be welcomed.

Crebian was built before Landeen’s great home. After the first week of the completion of Landeen’s home, Landeen had grown to the point of bed rest, calling a gathering to his friends and strangers. The last person he expected to see was a mere image of his long lost love, Ireen. Sadly she passed away bearing another heir, a male.

A woman with light violet eyes, long black hair, a fair face and skin with the curvy appeal as her mother, it was Landeen’s own daughter, Raine Ellora Landeen (Rain Ell-aura Land-een). Landeen could only watch, remembering the youthful Ireen and found himself dreaming in death. There became a seven day burning for all to see the great explorer and loyal friend, Aner Reigh Landeen.

There was still three men, all very loyal Landeen who continued their adventures. One being Jamious Tibion D’if who gathered men to continue and finish out Landeen’s wished. As a half-elf and partial goblin; he, Estern Havail S’ernt (East-ern Have-ale See-rent), and Wembu Tales Moreinu Sewoo (Wend-oo Tails More-emu She-new), continued their journey until a dispute came over between D’if and Sewoo. S’ernt stopped at a port saying he would be friends with both. Both agreed and headed as far out as possible, Sewoo isolating himself while D’if carried on the burden as Landeen’s.

Many ask how could one man gain friendship from being shipwrecked from a babe to a leader as an elder? Nobody knew, not even his daughter, the Oracle of Genov’.
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