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The Legend of Big Red

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Cheka Man:
Chapter One-Edward meets Big Red

It started with fire.

Flames and screaming that woke up everybody on Kossier Island.They fumbled around in the dark and rushed outside to see the island next to them lit up by flames.And in the flickering light they could make out the shadows of swordsmen who ran around hacking,killing and stealing whatever they could carry. They turned to their Mayor, Edward Kossier, the only Mage in the region.

"What are we going to do? It'll be us next. They'll land here and kill every last one of us. Can't you do anything against them? Many of us may know cantrips, but you are the only one who knows real magic.You were trained in Amythest City."

"I am a Mage, but I'm not an ArchMage. We may have plenty of amythest here but I can't take them all down.You know the way these pirates work. I might be able to take a few of them down, but then every single pirate in the area would turn up here and kill me and everybody else, and rape the women as well.That's what they did to the last island that resisted them. And going to the Company would be no help. First they are a three months sail from here.Three months in the hell of the sea, far from land, where anything could happen. Sea Spiders, Sirens, the Silver Fleet, and I've only just begun to list the dangers."

"And the Company would only help us if we let slip the secret of the amythest under our feet.And then they'ed come all right, and drive the pirates away, only they would drive us away too and take our island for themselves. I think we should make an arrangement to pay them tribute once a month as long as they leave us alone. It's in their own interest not to bleed us dry."

A six year old child, a little brown haired girl, stared up at Edward and said
"Let's get Big Red to help us."

"Big Red? He's a Kraken. If he thinks of us at all it's as a tasty snack. Why do you think a Kraken would have any interest in helping the people of a small island? What would be in it for him?"

The little girl spoke one word. "Amythest."

Ancient Gamer:
OOC: Will this be continued?

Cheka Man:
OOC-Yes.  :D

Cheka Man:
Chapter Two-Me likes.

"Amythest? Of course, from the rumours I've heard, Krakens need amythest just like humans do, if they want to cast spells. And there is a potion that will let me speak to the Kraken in his own speech. Of course, if it went wrong I would never come back to you alive." He went to his house and sat alone for a long time, and then he made a small vial of the potion. took a small chunk of amythest, got into his boat and rowed out quietly to where "Big Red" had made his home months ago. Whilst "Big Red" had never so far killed any of the islanders, they had all been careful to stay well clear of him.

As Edward slowly got closer he saw, through the clear water, the Kraken curled up below him. It's yellow eyes, the size of plates, opened, blinked, narrowed slightly, and then a tentacle uncoiled and reached up towards him. He drank the potion, burped, and then spoke in Kraken speech.

"I bring you amythest, and come in peace."

The tentacle broke the sea's surface and then stopped, dripping the seawater all over Edward, who quickly dropped the amythest overboard. A tentacle caught it underwater and brought it close to one of the eyes. Then the Kraken spoke. I have never heard a human speaking my speech before. And I like the amythest. I'm curious. Why do you risk your life to come so close to me? To me you are a light snack.

"Tonight our island is almost certainly going to be attacked. If you drive off the attackers, I will reward you with amythest. Not just a small chunk, but a whole bolder of amythest."

Me likes. Keep your promise, or if you ever come within the range of my tentacles again, I will eat you. Go now, before I change my mind. It took a while for Edward to reach the shore again and by that time his human speech had come back to him. The islanders were clustered together waiting for him to return.

"What happened?"

"I spoke to the Kraken and he agreed to help us, but he wants a bolder of amythest in return. I need you to chop it out of the rock."

"How can you trust a Kraken?"

"Because it needs us. It cannot go on land and chop amythest out of the rock by itself. We can. If we help it, it will help us."

All that day the islanders prepared themselves. Some chopped and chiseled out a large block of amythest, others armed themselves with knives and scythes, others helped those who could not fight, the old and the very young, up to the highest point of the island.

Cheka Man:
Chapter Three-What a Kraken can do

Nobody slept for the first part of that night. Everybody waited under the moon with whatever they could use for weapons.Hours passed and nothing happened and then boats were seen full of armed men rowing in towards them. "At this time of night and armed as they are they must be pirates," Edward said. For a few seconds, an eye broke the surface. It blinked, went under and then tentacles reached around the boats and pulled them under. One by one the pirates were pulled underwater and eaten. 'The emergency is over, we can sleep safely now," said Edward.

The next morning he and the islanders loaded the large chunk of amythest they had chipped free the day before and rowed out in their largest fishing boat to where the Kraken waited. The day before it had been a blackish colour, now it was a deep red. Carefully, they dropped the amythest bolder near the Kraken and it seemed to grow slightly as it touched the amythest.
Edward took another vial of potion. Thank you, human. When Krakens are happy, they turn a deep red. I enjoyed that feast of human flesh.No doubt friends of the pirates will return, and then they will see what a Kraken can do. Let's make this permenant. I protect you, you give me amythest.

"Thank you, O Great Kraken."

Call me Big Red. Another thing. Your island is rich in amythest, so why are you not wealthy traders instead of mere subsistance fishermen? I know the value of amythest down here, is it not the same upon the land?"

"It is, Big Red, but a Company takes it all for itself and punishes independent traders."

That is wrong. You should be rich, living a better life then you do and at the same time paying ME more tribute. This island should become a city-state to rival Banhoesea. If a Company tries to stop you they will see what a Kraken can do to them.


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