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Cheka Man:
Snapper Bass

Snapper Bass look very much like normal Sea Bass but they are a bane to the fishermen and fisherwomen and a menace to many of the other creatures of the sea. They are concentrated into a few great shoals for protection, but whilst most shoals are not dangerous to anything except fish fry and plankton, when something attacks this shoal it retaliates. Each fish has a mouthful of sharp teeth but by itself would not be much of a threat. In shoals of up to perhaps thirty thousand, they are a menace, because they turn on almost anything that they see as a threat. By their numbers alone they have been known to kill sharks and strip them to the bone.

Even the larger predators tend to avoid these individualy feeble but collectivly fearsome fish, which have been known to bite right through ordinary fishing nets and can only be caught with metal nets.

For eleven months of the year they eat plankton, but in their breeding month they eat almost everything they can find.Cleaner fish, who eat parisites and fungus from other fish and sea creatures, are left alone
as nothing sane in the oceans, not even the G'Thrann, will deliberatly eat a Cleaner fish.Most other sea creatures are fair game, to the point where they can cause famine to islanders who depend largely on fishing for their food.

Cheka Man:
The Acquan Man-O-War

The Aquan-Man-O-War is a feared creature, a blob of transparent jelly the size of a full grown Manta Ray, with tentacles on the sides tipped with deadly stingers, along with less dangerous but still painful stinging cells all along the tentacles.Where jellyfish drift with the waves, this creature has several fins that it uses to swim whereever it wants.Where jellyfish eyes are almost useless if indeed they exist, this creature can see far ahead in clear water.The most deadly thing about this beast is that it cannot be seen until it is really close to it's prey.It races up, kills it's prey and drags it into the depths to eat. Few creatures will eat it because it tastes horrible and is not worth the effort.Even Shura warriors fear getting in a fight with it.It eats most creatures smaller and weaker then itself but stays away from Shura as it has found that it is not worth being almost killed for one meal.

Cheka Man:
Octopusses, Squids and Kraken
There are many different kinds of octopus, squid and kraken in Acqua's seas.A lot of these are harmless to humans, but the few that are dangerous tend to be highly dangerous.


These range from the size of a coin to three times the size of a human, but are normally shy and retiring and don't attack unless provoked.Even then they are more likely to flee then fight. One type, known as the bluegreen because of it's colouring, is the size of a human hand and does not flee from humans with good reason. It's bite is deadly poisonous, and within five minites of being bitten all the muscles of the bitten one sieze up and the heart stops beating.A few assassins try to catch this poisonus little beast but most leave it well alone. Fishermen and fisherwomen wear thick gloves to stop themselves being accidently bitten when they haul in their nets.Only a handful of sea creatures can prey on the bluegreen and are immune to the poison.


These are mainly small but there are rumours of Kraken-sized squid that rarely come to the surface.The squids found in surface waters are rarely a problem, and again, the bigger ones would normally prefer to flee then fight, unless they are cornered.


These are deadly creatures known as the dragons of the sea.They look rather like octopuses but, though the juveniles are the size of the largest known octopuses, the adults are large, and the biggest have been known on at least one occasion to pull down a two-master and pluck the crew from a three-master's deck.

They have ten tentacles like a squid does. Eight of their tentacles are *normal* and sucker covered, the other two are longer and at the end of each one is a tooth filled mouth.Adult Kraken can bite humans in two with these. As well as their mouths they have a great beak, but this is not the most dangerous thing about them. Kraken are intelligent beings and, if they can get access to amythest, it is said that they can cast deadly spells of their own. Of course, very few Kraken ever get access to amythest in any quantity.One of the few who did was the Kraken known as "Big Red".

It is beleaved that the G-Thrann may be Giant Krakens but noone has got close enough to one to find out and lived to tell the tale.

Cheka Man:
The Eclipse G'Thrann
Deep beneath the waves, where the sunlight cannot be seen and all is darkness, lives the gargantuan terrors of the deep; creatures of darkness, devourers of cities. Often called the Eclipse Horror, or the Eclipse G'Thrann among scholars, they are sensitive to sunlight and never emerge from the depths, save when there is an eclipse.

The eclipses of Acqua are phenomenal and day long occurences when the red gas giant, which Acqua orbit, block out the sun entirely. During this time the G'Thrann seek the surface to feed and to mate. Their calls for a mate are piercing sounds; wailing and endlessly long, immensly loud. For a human the sound is unbearable and horrifying, an omen of destruction and desolation.

The G'Thrann have never been fully described but are thought to be jet black and snake shaped. When they arrive at coastal villages and cities their entire bulk is pulled on shore, crushing entire blocks of the city. There it rests, its wail attracting females, while strange pseudopods enter windows and doors in search of food.

Cheka Man:
The Sea-Spiders are bizarre and evil undead beings who dwell on the open sea. Named for they spidery and otherworldly manner in which they skitter along the underside of the ocean waves, the Sea-Spiders are a deadly threat to any who sail the seas of Acgua.

Sea-Spiders, also called Lacedons, are ghoulish creatures who possess the strange ability to crawl across the under-surface of the ocean like a spider crawls along a wall. They are humanoid in body, but they are repulsive in appearance, being extremely thin and wiry, with wide, splayed hands, flat, long-toed feet, and stroke legs. Their flesh is rubbery and waxy, like that of a corpse, and is covered in a coat of stiff, prickly black hairs. Their smooth, round heads have no ears, and they have only vestigial nostrils on their flat faces, but their mouths are huge and toothy, caught always in a ghoulish rictus of hunger, and augmented with evil hooked mandibles. Their eyes are the puffy, bloated, and bugging eyes of drowned men, swollen with water and blood. Sea-Spiders often wear the tattered remnants of the clothing which they died in.

Sea-Spiders are born when a person dies at sea, and are instinctively driven to return to the surface. Travelling in horrible packs, they crawl along the sea's ceiling, waiting for unsuspecting ships. Then, like a pack of dark wolves, they swarm from the water and cover the ship, a hissing blanket of hairy dead men, slaying and eating the crew and dragging the ship down into the lightless watery depths, never again to be seen.

Sea-Spiders can be killed by a wound through their hearts, or by being brought to dry land, where they dessicate and turn to dust. In addition, a sending ceremony and funeral held in their honor with an item which belonged to them in life can cause a Sea-Spider to repent and depart for the Isle of the Dead.


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